Italy’s Colosseum Restoration Should Be Fashion Funded

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The Colosseum is one of the symbols representing Italy (and more specifically Rome) world wide. Its shredded stone walls stand tall against the passing of years. But not if fashion has something to say about it!

Tod’s (yes, the same Tod’s for which Gwyneth Paltrow used to represent) has apparently set up a guarantee fund for the restoration of the Colosseum (10 million euros, $12,7 Million) to start the works at the Colosseum. However, this is not something Tod’s is doing for free (although they reportedly denied it): for the entire duration of the restoration of the monument (for which they’re willing to donate 25 Million euros – $31,8 Million), Tod’s ads would be visible on the Colosseum’s protective wraps. However, it is said that their sponsorship proposal has been rejected. Looking forward for Tod’s next move… (I wonder if Hermes could do the same if ever a restoration plan of the Eiffel Tower would be set in motion! and… Ralph Lauren for Mount Rushmore)

Tod s Colosseum

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