Kate Moss Models For Her Fred Jewelry Collection

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Remember we talked about Kate Moss taking on a job (well, kind of) as a jewelry designer chez Fred? A little detail about her collection might trigger that memory – Kate’s Fred Jewelry Collection is inspired by her very own tattoos! (anything?)

Anyway, here’s a fist look at the ad campaign for the above mentioned collection. More pictorials I see, more I understand why Kate Moss is such a highly esteemed model. Even this Fred campaign is a good example to illustrate how Kate Moss is wearing the clothes / jewelry and not the other way around. She has a status of her own, something we’ll only see happening with one of the Supers and less with today’s models. Why is that, anyway? Why do they have to go over the top with the styling and everything when really, less is more? (oh, and just one word about Kate’s Fred collection – I love it!)

Kate Moss Fred Jewelry Collection Campaign

Kate Moss Fred Jewelry Collection Ad Campaign

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