Summer’s Hottest Sunglasses: 6 Oversized Wayfarers Inspired By Kate Moss!

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While the mud is drying on the Glastonbury field and the scenes are slowly wrapping up their industrial mayhem, all eyes go towards the beach holidayers, trying to catch up on the waves-sun-sand vibe to wash away the festival dirt.

Kate Moss is enjoying some quality Ibiza time (with Naomi Campbell, no less) so we’re not just staring in empty admiration, we’re taking notes! As we all know and appreciate, Kate Moss has a distinct flair for classic, timeless style. Every style is personal, of course, but we can always let others’ fashion approach inspire us. This time, it’s about sunglasses! Wayfarers – 5 pairs of Wayfarer-like shapes from various brands as they’re not only a timeless, classic design, but also this summer’s hottest one!

Kate Moss beach Holiday sunglasses

Wearing a pair of oversized black sunglasses is de rigueur for celebrities but Kate has always been a fan of Tom Ford shades, wearing various shapes and models from the designer over the years: from the iconic Tom Ford Whitney to the cat-eyed Carli, Kate sure loves her Tom Ford shades!

Kate Moss loves Tom Ford sunglasses

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Oliver Peoples West Latigo Sunglasses

If the brand sounds familiar, it’s because Oliver Poeples West is a division of Oliver Peoples. Except this line was especially created to highlight the Southern Cali charm. As such, this particular model is named after a famous canyon in Malibu. A very subtle look achieved with only the best materials (titanium and acetate, silicone inside of temple tips and Polarized ‘Flint’ lenses) (currently available for $265 at

Oliver Peoples West Latigo sunglasses

Retro Super Future Basic Shape Super Classic Black Matte Sunglasses

Retro Super Future – the name is enough to make this brand interesting. They pride themselves with a ‘handmade in Italy’ quality and that since 2007. What’s even more interesting than the subtle look of these hand made sunglasses with Zeiss Lens is the matte finish! They’re currently available for $177 at

Retro Super Future classic matte sunglasses

Tom Ford Campbell Shiny Square Sunglasses

Just as Kate Moss, we can be partial to Tom Ford’s recognizable design (the golden T on the sides) and go for a pair of Campbell sunglasses with acetate frames with rose gold metal details and gradient grey lenses. Also, made in Italy! (currently available for $360 at

Tom Ford Campbell Sunglasses

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Paul Smith Onyx Mahogany Roslin Sunglasses

There’s a special trick that comes with this pair of Paul Smith Roslin shades: the ‘Peace’ handwriting on the temple tip interior! The trademark exterior temple pins and the signature inlay make these onyx mahogany oversized framed sunglasses a designer treat. (currently available for $405 at

Paul Smith Onyx Mahogany Roslin Sunglasses

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Thierry Lasry Dirtymindy Sunglasses

Undoubtedly one of the most sought-after sunglasses brand at the moment, Thierry Lasry issued Dirtymindy, a fabulous, glamorous design made with the best materials and one of the most alluring shapes ever. A fantastic combination of cat-eye frames and classic wayfarers, this is definitely a pair of sunglasses many will dream of wearing! (currently available for $504 at

hottest sunglasses Thierry Lasry Dirtymindy

Oliver Goldsmith Manhattan Sunglasses

For many, Audrey Hepburn’s sunglasses in Breakfast at Tiffany’s will always be ‘Wayfarers’ – but we know better! Audrey’s lovely shades were a pair of Manhattans by Oliver Goldsmith! The frames are still produced today and they make quite a fashion subtle connoisseur statement. Oh, and even Kate Moss owns a pair of Manhattans! (available for $440 at

Oliver Goldsmith Manhattan sunglasses

Audrey Hepburn sunglasses Breakfast at Tiffany s

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Kate Moss sunglasses Oliver Goldsmith Manhattan

Everyone is used to credit the iconic Wayfarer back to Ray-Ban, did you know that the design is going way back to the 1960s? the actual shape of the ‘Wayfarers’ was first imagined and drew on paper in 1952 by Raymond Stegeman. He then sold it to the Ray-Ban parent company at the time and started being manufactured in 1956. However, the Wayfarers only conquered the world when Ray-Ban secured a movies product placement deal in the early 80s (with a slight redesign, everyone from Jack Nicholson and Tom Cruise, to Madonna and Michael Jackson was wearing Wayfarers)

Ray ban Wayfarers were very popular among 80s celebrities

Editor’s original choice: Oliver Goldsmith Manhattan Sunglasses.
Editor’s lush choice: Thierry Lasry Dirtymindy Sunglasses.
(the images included in this story were found on the respective brands’ website, images of Kate Moss were kindly provided by fameflynet and getty)


#1 Adriana V on 07.02.14 at 10:33 am

Errr…….no, I don’t take notes of Kate but I love her nonetheless. Her look is not new at all but she makes that style looking so good, so natural, she obviously loves it and no one told her to dress like that I think.

OK, sunglasses almost my nr1 favourite accessory. I am done with Ray-Ban since the whole world wears them these days. I even think there are a lot of fakes around. I returned two pair to the shop and got my refund. Model Erika looks cheap, I bought them and didn’t wear them at all he young sales guy didn’t get how I could be such an idiot to remove the logo from the glasses. He was flabbergasted. I HATE that logo. So Tom Ford is out. ;)

All these glasses are not really new designs right? I like the Olivier Goldsmith’s and am a great fan of gradient glasses unless the sun is really to strong.

Great sunglasses and a good bag and shoes the best basics for an outfit to me.

#2 kpriss on 07.02.14 at 3:11 pm

I know, I actually took the sunglasses topic a bit too serious as I’m looking into the market myself :-) for renewal purposes. But I can’t make up my mind momentarily, I will save up and continue the research for now :-)

Let’s keep each-other posted if something notable comes along?
Logos… I’m getting so tired of them! Everywhere you look, there must be a logo . Why?

#3 Ellington on 07.09.14 at 9:52 am

I am late to this convo, but I have to say and I am sure that you ladies already know that I just LOVE the Audrey Hepburn/Holly Golightly sunglasses! : )

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