Dare To Wear The Cupcake Eyelashes Jewelry?

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As time went by and I ventured even deeper into fashion’s daring paths, I asked myself (and you) over and over if you were feeling this and that, and, most of all, if you were daring enough to wear some pretty courageous accessories.

Some were funny, some were not. In the funny category hereby The Cupcakes Eyelash Jewelry! It’s funny enough to be worn as it is, to compliment a playful look, or part of a Lolita getup. Just glue them on, and you’ll add a complete new meaning to “sweet eyes”. Do hit the jump, more eyelash amazingness awaits (plus a video that’ll show you how it’s done)

Cupcakes eyelashes jewelry

There’s a little bit for every taste – eggs and bacon, apples and autumn leaves, flowers and ladybugs. And, although I admit I’m not exactly a pro when it comes to false eyelashes and how to glue them on, I’d love to try this. Because it’s fun. And I’d never deprive myself from good, healthy fashion fun! So tell me, do you dare to wear the cupcake (and more) eyelash jewelry? (you can pick your eyelash jewelry here)

Ladybug eyelashes jewelry

eyelashes jewelry paper eggs apples eyelashes jewelry more eyelash jewelry

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