10 Simple Green Nails Ideas For Spring

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Despite of recent reports of incoming snow storms (yes, again, I know!), Spring is here – on our calendars at least! Maybe wearing even more green will conjure the weather to align itself to our monthly seasonal routine?

I’ve talked about the eyes, now let’s talk nails for a moment! Green nails! From simple to intricate, here are 10 green manicures you can wear to celebrate St Patrick’s Day and… Spring!

simple green nails ideas

1. Matte green nails

Matte nail polish is simply a must have basic lacquer. Every nail polish brand out there is adding matte to their permanent products palette for the past couple of years. This bottle here comes from OPI and it’s called Here Today… Aragon Tomorrow.

simple nails for Spring matte green nails

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2. Holographic glitter green nails

Color Club Holiday Splendor is the perfectly versatile holographic glitter nail polish you’d want in your polish arsenal for both the Holidays season (as its name suggests it) and for Spring celebrations (or Summer combos). There’s just so much green sparkle in that glitter that my heart jumps with joy at the thought of wearing it!

simple spring nails holo glitter Color Club

3. Glitter green nails

Glitter is a must wear on its own or as an accent nail (usually the ring finger nail). This particular shade from Cirque is called Hellebore and it’s so very lovely, subtle and spring-y, I would love to wear it for the spring season!

simple spring green nails Cirque Hellebore

4. Holographic green flakies topcoat nails

Now this is where it gets more creative! It takes a bit more than polishing your nails with what comes straight out of the lacquer bottle! It takes two nail polishes for this particular look as the flakies topcoat is generally applied over another (contrasting) nail polish. In our case, it’s Nfu-Oh 56 over a rich blue Revlon Royal. Fancy, isn’t it?

simple spring green nails Holo Flakies over blue nails

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5. Two-toned green accent nails

This is a simple look and can be achieved using any two polishes one lighter than the other. As simple as that!

simple spring nails two greens

6. Gradient teal green nails with green glitter topcoat

It takes 5 different bottles of nail polish and really no effort at all to obtain this manicure! It’s actually one of the easiest way to do the much-hyped gradient look by using a different color for each of the 5 fingers (the polishes come from Ulta). The trick comes with the glitter topcoat – the same glitter or in two by two applied on every nail. You can wear this look with or without the glitter. And you can find similar shades with different brands.)

simple spring nails green gradient with without glitter

7. Green gold half moon nails

Much like the classic French manicure, the half-moon nails are the new French nails. As such, they can be either freehand painted directly on the nail or painted using stickers. Either way, it’s a classic manicure, completely immersed in the occasion.

classy gold green halfmoon nails for spring

8. Two toned green dotted nails

So sweet and catchy, the dotted nails don’t even require special tools – if you have a toothpick, you can nail the dotticure just fine!

lovely simple spring nails green dotted nails

Also, the dotted nails can be either done on all nails, or on a single, accent nail. Which is usually the ring finger nail as shown below. Remember – all you need is a toothpick and patience!

cute spring nails green dotted accent

9. Chevron green nails

Chevron nails are just about the most successful nail art there is and in all justice as they look so fancy-schmancy, you won’t be able to keep those pretty nails tucked and hidden once you get that chevron all prettied up! Below a helpful tutorial to get your zig-zag thing in motion!

green gradient chevron nails for spring

10. Green nails stickers

Although exquisite, these come in last place because they’re not really nail art in my opinion. You just peel them off the strip and apply them on the clean nail. At least these exquisite ones are Marchesa…

simple nails for Spring green stickers Marchesa

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