Sarah Burton Talks Alexander McQueen, The Royal Wedding In Vogue UK December 2011

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There’s a little surprise I discovered in the last issue of Vogue UK. Determined to not judge the entire issue by its circus-y cover (which is dramatically different from the previous years December covers I loved so much), I looked further, trying to find reasons to want / own this issue.

And here’s what I discovered: under the title People to Celebrate, Sarah Burton talks about the house of Alexander McQueen, about the Royal Wedding. People talk about Sarah. It’s a rare gem and I loved every pixel of it (you can too as I included the largest part of the article in the gallery)! (the other three people to celebrate were Jennifer Egan, Jessica Ennis and James Corden. All of them amazing and really brilliant at what they do.) Oh, and what I suspected was right all along – in one of the official photos from the Royal Wedding, with Kate entering Westminster Abbey, there was this woman who rushed to arrange the wedding dress train – yes, yes, yes! That was Sarah Burton! – you can watch Sarah taking care of the wedding dress after the jump – at appx 2:31 along.

Sarah Burton in Vogue UK

“… It was so great to actually keep a secret, especially in this day and age when everyone talks about everything. […] I remember standing in Westminster Abbey thinking, ‘This is unreal’. It was like a fairy tale. And all I could think was, ‘I hope I don’t trip over’ […] it was a magical experience. […]

I still freak out that I’m not doing a good job! […] Every season he [Alexander McQueen] would challenge you to find different fabrics, invent different cuts, it never got boring. […] He was a genius and the most inspiring person I have ever met, you watched him work and it would give you goose bumps; it gives me goose bumps now. […] I definitely considered not taking this job, I was at such a loss, he was such a huge part of my life, my every day. I could finish his sentences but I didn’t know that I could begin anything, and that terrified me.”

Sarah Burton about Alexander McQueen

Sarah Burton interview Vogue UK

Sarah Burton Vogue UK story

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