Easy How To Hairstyles

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Remember we talked about this hairstyle situation a while back? I was concerned about personal style issues and, as always, I had a (hidden) conflict with my hair. I can’t seem to find “my style” or maybe I’m just going through a period of hairstyle issues.

Either way, I started digging deeper for styling routines that could help me out by showing me simple steps in dealing with unruly hair and taming the styling situation. Aaaand, because I found something I really liked, I ran back, excited, wanting to share the happiness! After having experienced with the styles myself and concluding that they work even for someone who has two left hands when it comes to doing my hair, ta daaaaam: my daaaahlings, here’s how you could style your own hair, easy steps with amazing results!

Take, for starters, the side pony tail! A messy, side pony tail!

I don’t think there’s anything to add, except, maybe, what I know from my own experience – my naturally wavy to curly, frizzy hair, doesn’t need more previous styling to add extra volume so I just mess it up a bit with my fingers and then put the side pony plan in action. Howeverrrr, I experimented a bit and mixed the side pony with the fishtail braid and the result, let me tell you, was Red Carpet ready! No, seriously! remember Diane Kruger’s messy side braid? yep, that’s how it was! Really!

My adjustments, as I do not own a curling iron, a flat iron or any other kind of iron hair accessory except for my hair pins: I side swept my hair to mimic long bangs and I twisted a small part of the said side swept bangs to add more weight and texture to my normally frizzy wavy hair. It worked fine, especially since I secured the section down with a bobbi pin. Take a look at the fishtail braid, now combine the two and try it yourself at home? Tell me how it looked / felt? (thank you, Reagan, for making my life easier!)

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