This Is The Knight In Shining Armor You Were Waiting For!

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The one you’ve been dreaming of! It’s finally here! (and we don’t have a source for it, but that’s fine too, I’m hoping for a source to drop in and claim credit for this fairy tale piece of jewelry!)

For it’s a piece of jewelry indeed! A cuff linked to a knuckle ring fashioned in the shape of a roman chariot rider with his three horses! It’s my gorgeous item of the week and I’m positive more treasures like this lie in its creator/s treasures chest! How do you feel about the Knight in Shining Armor?

UPDATE: Apparently, the source tracks down to a jewelry brand in Pennsylvania’s Camp Hill: Meeka Fine Jewelry. The designer, Monika Krol is rumored to have put together this fairy-tale-esque piece of jewelry as part of a school project while attending the University of Arts in PA.The rumor is yet to be confirmed as I will contact Monika Krol and try to get a certified yes or now for the whimsical piece below!(scroll down to read what the designer herself said about this jewelry, exclusively for Stylefrizz!)

Knight in shining armor cuff rings

Confirmation arrived as Monika Krol was kind enough to answer my question and to provide even more details about the unique piece, how and when it came to be! It was created in 2006, part of the designer’s senior thesis at the University of Arts in Philadelphia and was sold at the August 2007 show-exhibit called “Amuse, Amaze, Amend: Jewelry Art of the Uninhibited’ at Facere Gallery in Seattle.

‘Return from Victory’ was particularly challenging to make as the components/materials needed to be cold connected (mostly sterling silver and plastic). Aside from being a gifted jewelry designer, Monika was always passionate about collecting things and more specifically miniature vintage plastic objects – like our Chevalier here described by the designer herself:

‘The piece is mostly fabricated, the front of the chariot and armor was chased (he has a perfect 6pack) and the cape was cast from a molded sheet of wax. […] it has really great movement. The arms and head can move and the reins can be adjusted, not to mention the horses are controlled by the fingers. […] I had the idea and sketches for this piece since my sophomore year, but waited until I had the skills to pull it off years later as part of my senior thesis.

I am interested in the human condition: I think the work is like a visual snippet of a fable, lessons of the ego about pride, mourning, humility and humor.’

Thank you Monika Krol for taking the time to feed our curiosity! After all these years, ‘Return from Victory’ continues to spark the interest and the imagination of people worldwide. Everyone seems to agree on one thing: it’s a fabulous piece, torn from a fairy-tale page and ready to ride our wildest fantasies’ waves!


#1 alison on 05.15.10 at 9:44 am

LOL! that is too funny…now that’s a statement piece of jewelry.
xox alison

#2 Ellington on 05.16.10 at 11:29 am

I think that it is fun and funny to look at, but to wear it… I don’t think so. ;)

#3 Kaleigh on 03.24.11 at 11:08 am

Thats soooooo boss!!!

#4 celine on 12.30.14 at 4:00 am

where can I buy this? this is so pretty!

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