Joseph Gordon-Levitt GQ December 2009 Vs Nylon Man September 2009

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This is actually my husband’s find! I wouldn’t have open my eyes to see Joseph Gordon Levitt if it wasn’t for him! He said he liked this skinny, nervous, almost psychotic guy from a movie (I think it was Stop-Loss) and he asked me if I recognized him.

I didn’t! It was actually difficult to see the masterminded young actor as the former 3rd Rock from the Sun teenager. Joseph Gordon-Levitt has grown up beautifully! (click through to read the rest of the story and check out the image gallery!)

Joseph Gordon Levitt GQ Magazine December 2009

Acting since he was 7, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is best known for his teenager role as an extraterrestrial in the TV series 3rd Rock from the Sun. He went from acting to the Columbia University (2001-2004) and then dropped college to get back to acting. Growing up, he had an acting coach, who he said, taught him the world: to become his character. To genuinely impersonate the person who’s playing so that there’s no misunderstanding and misinterpretation in who the character is and what he’s supposed to do.

Joseph Gordon Levitt GQ Magazine December 09

Joseph Gordon-Levitt got involved in numerous indie film projects and got himself gravitating on a glorious trajectory as the most promising young indie actor. But he was serious about his career and he wanted it to go even further. Thus he went from heavy roles like mentally challenged characters and drama surrounded parts to a brilliantly romantic movie “500 Days of Summer”. He coupled up with Zooey Deschanel (on screen) and made a very magnetic pair (the proof in the short dance video).

Joseph Gordon Levitt GQ December 09

Why I chose Joseph Gordon-Levitt for the Men of Style column? Because he’s promising. Because he’s on the rise. Because he’s not one of the many. Because he stands out. Through his talent, his energy and his commitment. And despite of the info you can find about him, I want to keep this one short. Because you never really know what JGL is going to do next. What mental/depressed case he’ll be playing tomorrow or what romantic chevalier will he be using to charm us!

Joseph Gordon Levitt GQ December 2009

Until then, I hope you enjoy the few images I’ve put together to portray Joe. Especially the last ones, from GQ magazine December 2009? (something different from the April 2008 shoot with Claudia Schiffer, eh?) and few extras from Nylon Man, September 2009. Acting fashion! (you can always read more about Joseph Gordon-Levitt here and here) (photos via)

Joseph Gordon Levitt Nylon Guys September 2009

Joseph Gordon Levitt Nylon Guys Magazine

Joseph Gordon Levitt 16 year old Joseph Gordon Levitt Another Magazine Joseph Gordon Levitt GQ Magazine December 2009 1

Joseph Gordon Levitt GQ Magazine December 2009 2 Joseph Gordon Levitt Nylon Guys September 2009 cover Joseph Gordon Levitt Nylon mans September 2009 1

Joseph Gordon Levitt Nylon mans September 2009 2 Joseph Gordon Levitt Nylon mans September 2009 3 Joseph Gordon Levitt airport


#1 Sally on 12.03.09 at 8:59 am

I simply ADORE JGL … always have, always will. “Brick” is one of my all-time favorite films and he’s brilliant in it.

#2 Adriana on 12.03.09 at 9:05 am

I do recognise him but didn’t know where or when I saw him. So I searched for info and I was like: “Oohh, that was him” or “Oh, that’s him also!”…..since I do not recognise him properly I cannot judge him on his talents he sure has since he’s so long around and done yet so much. And seems to be still promising as an actor.
Nice looking young man though.

#3 Ellington on 12.03.09 at 11:20 am

I like him he is cute and talented.
He reminds me a tad of a brunet Neil Patrick Harris.
Thanks for this Kpriss and Keep the fine men coming! :)
I need more GRRR in my life! :)

#4 kpriss on 12.03.09 at 12:00 pm


that’s music to my eyes!

I hope I’ll always strike positive chords with every article I write! :*

#5 cc on 12.30.09 at 9:26 pm

Brick, Mysterious Skin etc.,
The guy’s an acting genius

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