Gangster Squad’s Ryan Gosling Suits Up In GQ Australia!

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Have you seen Gangster Squad? Because you really should. It’s one of those old – school, old – era movies that can really take you deep down in those Hollywood glam years, make you breathe the old – fashioned gangster air. But this time I won’t talk about Ryan Gosling in a movie, like I did with his excellent Drive moment. I will, however, talk about Ryan Gosling.

And his feature in GQ Australia. Oh, and about these classy pictures of him from the said magazine which were flawlessly executed by none the other but Mario Testino.

So, Ryan Gosling, huh? He received more accolades for his looks than he did for his acting. And that’s not because he can’t act.

Ryan Gosling GQ Australia cover

Because he can actually act way better than his Mickey Mouse Club co – star, Justin Timberlake. Oh, and he can also sing! If you ask me, better than Justin, but he ain’t done no ‘Sexy Back’, nor did he sung Timberland’s golden compositions. He sang his own music. With his Dead Man’s Bones band. And I did added a video below so you’ll make up your own mind about Ryan Gosling, the singer.

Ryan Gosling GQ Australia pictorial

Despite of his usually silent / solitary appearance, Ryan Gosling, my dahlings, was a child star. But you probably already knew that. And then you also know that, unlike others who also grew up in the entertainment’s spotlight, Ryan Gosling was only arrested once, for DUI and exceeding the speed limit. So Ryan Gosling is no bad boy. But still, women around the world will unanimously put him if not on top, then on every ‘hottest men’ list there is. What’s so special about him, anyway? What makes Ryan Gosling so appealing?

Ryan Gosling GQ Australia black and white pictorial

Looking at these black and white images from the latest issue of GQ Australia of a perfectly well groomed, fine suited young man, what would you say Ryan Gosling’s appeal is? Because I still think it’s his acting, the way he consistently builds his characters and adds a careless but profound dimension to his parts. In other words, to me, Ryan Gosling is a professional actor. The kind they don’t make anymore nowadays. The heavyweight acting kind.

What’s he to you?

Ryan Gosling by Mario Testino GQ

Ryan Gosling latest pictures GQ Australia

Gangster Squad Ryan Gosling Gq

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