Joseph Gordon – Levitt’s Jacket From Looper: Carhartt J97 Detroit Jacket

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As I prepared myself for some Argo talk, I realized I forgot to talk Looper. Have you seen Looper? We did. And we also enjoyed it. A lot! Actually we have a clear tendency to enjoy any of Joseph Gordon – Levitt’s movies. As I’ve said before, he really is a gifted actor in any acting registry except the dull one. (that territory has been reclaimed by Ewan McGregor; maybe we’ll get to that one day, as I hear he’s getting ready for another movie. And no, it’s not a piece of the new Star Wars VII!)

Looper. I’ll talk about the jacket worn by Joseph Gordon – Levitt without bringing any movie spoilers to the table. He’s wearing the Carhartt J97 Dark Brown Detroit Jacket, pretty worn out too (you can get a new one for just a little under $100 – but you’ll have to go see Looper, the movie first, though).

Joseph Gordon Levitt jacket in Looper Carhartt

Choosing a Carhartt jacket for Joe’s character was a smart move for a movie that would otherwise risk losing the audience at the fashion level. Why? Because not anyone can relate to what the characters do and also because the action takes place in the future. A lot of psychological factors would induce a feeling of security and familiarity once a classic American brand like Carhartt is visibly present in the Looper action.

Joseph Gordon Levitt Looper jacket Carhartt Detroit

Considering that Sharen Davis, Looper’s Costume Designer is also behind an equally smart wardrobe in movies like The Help and Eli, you may go ahead and call her a traditional American costume designer. She’s really good at what she does and part of her gift is being very discrete (the Carhartt label was removed from Joe’s J97 Detroit Jacket but that didn’t stop passionate people from identifying it). Don’t forget to tune in for a Django Unchained costumes talk when the time comes – Sharen Davis is responsible for Tarantino’s latest movie wardrobe as well!

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#1 Cog on 01.21.15 at 2:47 pm

Nice id on the jacket. Any idea of the shoes most of the loopers were wearing? I think they had a shot of Garret Dillahunt’s shoes when EB tried to close the door on him.

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