Prada Fall Winter 2009 2010 Ad Campaign

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Prada doesn’t feel the supers breeze anymore! They went for the domino-models lineup last season and they’re still going models-strong this fall!

Dark waters and crimped hair beauties, the Prada Fall-Winter 2009/2010 ad campaign brings together Anna de Rijk, Julia Hafstrom, Katlin Aas, Kendra Spears, Ymre Stiekema under Steven Meisel’s lenses. (the story continues with more images right after the jump!)

Prada Fall 2009 ad campaign

Prada Fall 2009 ad campaign 1

Studio shots, less psychedelic than previous campaigns, Prada’s fall 2009 images come with no less digital enhancement than an ordinary magazine cover. Plasticizing already impeccably beautiful faces depersonalize the characters bringing more focus to the clothes and accessories.

Prada Fall 2009 ad campaign 2

The mid-heel is really making a strong comeback, just look at those 20s inspired shoes! Loose the heels but keep the studs! Now there’s just one thing bugging me: aesthetically speaking, I can see where this Prada campaign is going. But marketing-wise… hmm, let’s say I wouldn’t have thought night fishing could be so glamorous! And dark waters could be so high fashion! I still have so much to learn about what makes customers tick! (let’s hope wearing Prada doesn’t make you look as somber as those models!) (via)

Prada Fall 2009 ad campaign 3

Prada Fall 2009 ad campaign 4

Prada Fall winter 2009 2010 ad campaign Prada Fall winter 2009 2010 ad campaign 1 Prada Fall winter 2009 2010 ad campaign 2

Prada Fall winter 2009 2010 ad campaign 3 Prada Fall winter 2009 2010 ad campaign 4 Prada Fall winter 2009 2010 ad campaign 5


#1 Daydreamer on 07.23.09 at 4:41 am

Sorry Mucia, but these don’t sell. I’ve loved many Prada ads but this one is off to me. The set, the makeup, hairdos, the only thing I love is those OTK boots.

#2 Daydreamer on 07.23.09 at 4:43 am

Btw, who wants to wear fine leather shoes into water?

#3 Chenine on 07.23.09 at 5:52 am

Hmmm strange hairstyles. At least it’s not my style :D

#4 Adriana on 07.23.09 at 6:56 am

Oh that hair…I like the boots though.

Our Dutch girls doing great don’t they? Two out off four in one ad-campaign.
Badgley Mischka did their resort show as an opening for Amsterdam International Fashion Week. They liked the more curvier models whom walked at the Dutch shows. They were charmed that those girls made their dresses look more feminine. I’ve seen and heard the men said this on tv.

#5 Fleur on 11.23.10 at 12:57 pm

The hair is awfull.. Dutch girls are all over the world indeed. Think we need to be proud of doutzen kroes also :)

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