Gemma Ward Catwalk Comeback: Opening Prada Spring 2015

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The moment we’ve all been waiting for: Gemma Ward is back on the catwalk! This is the most spectacular, significant news from this season’s Fashion Weeks (which are now to their third installment, Milan, after New York and London).

Speculations have been heard and written, about the Australian model’s comeback, but when her daughter (Naia) was born, everyone suspected Gemma would definitely keep the runway far and the nappies close. We couldn’t be more wrong as September 18 2014 is a day that will go down in Fashion History as the day Gemma Ward came back in fashion!

Gemma Ward catwalk return Prada SS2015

She used to be considered the most successful model back in 2006 and 2007 while 2008 marked an early retirement for Ward who apparently suffered tremendously after the death of her then-boyfriend, actor Heath Ledger. She was only 20. Now, at 26, Gemma seems as beautiful as ever, smiling bright and looking fairly happy in backstage pictures.

Gemma Ward lost weight back on catwalk Prada show Milan

See also: Gemma Ward is also an actress, having starred in one of Disney’s most successful franchises in 2010!

As for her waify silhouette and ethereal look, she magically got them back, somehow – we’ve all seen her post-baby body and she was very much steadily going plus-size for all the years she’s been out of the catwalk. However, opening for Prada Spring Summer 2015, Gemma Ward was every inch her old-modeling-self, with no extra weight in sight.

Gemma Ward opening Prada Spring Summer 2015

She’s always had a special relationship with Miuccia Prada, even from the very first years of her debut (she walked in Miu Miu and Prada Spring Summer 2003 shows), so it feels very coherent to have her stepping back on the catwalk, opening for Miuccia (a fabulous show, with Gemma opening and Lara Stone closing). The most important question, however, is if she’s here to stay or just filling in a favor for one of her oldest designer friends? What’s your take? (images Sonny Vandevelde/

Gemma Ward Prada campaign 2004 Miu Miu 2003 collection

walking in Miu Miu’s Spring Summer 2004 collection and starring in Prada’s Spring Summer 2004 campaign were confirming Gemma Ward’s supermodel status and her special relationship with Miuccia Prada

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Prada Spring Summer 2015 Gemma Ward opens Lara Stone closes show

Lara Stone closed the Spring Summer 2015 Prada Fashion Show opened by Gemma Ward


#1 Ana on 09.21.14 at 6:25 am

I love her. I thought she had gone to acting ? What happened there ? I never read anything about her work as an actor. I wish her well, whatever she decides to keep. She seems to be a very nice girl.
That said, I really liked some looks in this Prada collection. The dresses, only. The coats , shoes and clogs are beyond horrendous. Ahh,, loved the socks as well but I fear if I wear them my hubby suddenly decides he is not going out with me.

#2 Diyana on 09.22.14 at 7:49 am

I never been so happy in my fashion life!!

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