Karlie Kloss: New Chanel Coco Noir Campaign And New Girlfriend!

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This week started out with potentially explosive news about Taylor Swift getting really close to a famous Victoria’s Secret Model. So close that after weeks of being observed everywhere together, they actually moved in the same mansion! Yes, I’m talking about Karlie Kloss! Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss were proudly owning the headlines to the week’s news!

And then… there was nothing! Stories have been taken down because someone, somewhere asked for them to be pulled out. What is it about the Taylor – Karlie story that has to be censored? (hit the jump to see the possible answer)

Chanel Coco Noir Karlie Kloss ad campaign

Karlie Kloss is the new Chanel Coco Noir mademoiselle. It’s her first campaign for the French Fashion Maison and the confirmation of her fashion star status. A fabulously stylish campaign with an interesting motto ‘Du Noir nait la lumiere’ (‘Out of Dark, light is born’) and Solve Sundsbo behind the lens.

Karlie Kloss Chanel Campaign Coco Noir Solve Sundsbo

See also: Solve Sundsbo’s fabulous fashion photography style!

In which way is the Taylor Swift co-habitation news potentially hurting the impact of that Chanel Campaign? Possibly none. Then what can be causing the censoring? Fashion people (and more) seem fascinated by close relationships between fashion models and celebrities (Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez), why would an innocent friendship story needed censoring?

Unlike the scandalous holiday coupling above, discussing Taylor and Karlie is just as dangerous as gossiping about unicorns and rainbows. In support of that, let’s just mention this random example of Taylor congratulating Karlie on her Bday: ‘Happy 22nd birthday to @karliekloss, who is made out of 100% sunshine.’. (collective awww!)

Karlie Kloss Taylor Swift friendship

Before the Karlie-incident, young Miss Swift tried to get all friendly with Lorde, even spent some quality shopping&beach time together but apparently something was missing. Something she found with Karlie. Sunshine and an actual sense of sisterhood. It’s highly unlikely that their story would break that friendship threshold into the bedroom. At this young age, women are more likely to innocently experiment than seriously commit. Take the censorship away, we like these two!

Karlie Kloss Taylor Swift plant garden together

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