Food’n’Style Chocolate Coated Bite Sized Ice Cream Sundaes

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Lovely ladies, gather ’round and get your stylish kitchens ready for some (extremely) yummy recipes… Today I decided to open the Stylefrizz Kitchen and have some royal treats comin’ your way!

I’m starting the official Food’n’Style files with something sweet via Bakeaholic. A very simple recipe that I haven’t actually tried myself but I’m planning to because it’s surprisingly easy to do and terribly inviting! The Bite-Sized Ice Cream Sundaes (chocolate coated) only require few simple ingredients: Ice Cream, 1 Banana, 4-5 baking squares of Chocolate! (the recipe with pictures right after the jump!)

Bite sized ice cream sundaes chocolate coated

Sectioned bite sized sundaes chocolate coated

You also need a cookie tray, tooth picks and wax paper/aluminum foil. Now let’s get down to business! Place the cookie tray with the was paper/aluminum foil in the freezer for about 10-15 min. In the mean time, prepare the ice cream scoops (using a melon baler or an ice scream scoop) and slice the banana into (not too thin) slices. Place them at a small distance, in the chilled cookie tray and then back in the freezer for 20-30 min.

Banana Slices Cookie tray

Ice cream scoop Banana Slices Cookie tray

Ice cream scoops Banana Slices Cookie tray

Take them out and make tiny sandwiches placing the ice cream on top of each banana slice. Fix them together using a toothpick and back into the freezer for 10-15min. In the mean time, you should get your chocolate ready for dipping in the ice scoops sandwiches. Melt the chocolate (using either a double boiler or a larger pot with water and a smaller one on top, without being touched by water) slowly, and once melted, remove from heat and rest until it’s just warm and ready to dip.

Ice cream scoops Banana Slices sandwich toothpick

Take the frozen ice cream sandwiches and dip them into the warm melted chocolate. Remove the excess chocolate and place them back in the chilled cookie tray and back into the freezer for about 20 min.

You can use any ice cream you want, use more bananas for more sweet iced treats (make sure to modify all the ingredients accordingly) . Also, you can sprinkle some crushed peanuts or colored chocolate sprinkles, anything that tickles your imagination!

(What took me so long to get the stylish cooking sin upon us?)

Ice cream scoops Banana Slices chocolate dipped


#1 Adriana on 07.28.09 at 6:44 am

Hmm, looks yummy and very easy to prepare. :))

#2 Ellington on 07.28.09 at 8:43 am

Huzzah! I love ice cream and I adore chocolate so this is win win all the way for my taste buds! : )

#3 Alicia on 08.12.09 at 10:57 am

Glad you liked the recipe so much!! =)

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