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Best Snack Food Popcorn. Wait, What
I’m confused! “Healthy” snacks usually meant: fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds. But we got it all wrong: popcorn is “the perfect snack food” –... Read More

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Karl Lagerfeld Not Behind Books Perfume. Doing Chocolate Sculpture Of Baptiste Giabiconi
When the news about Karl Lagerfeld doing a perfume that smelled like books emerged it felt completely legit and plausible, given Der Kaiser’s notorious love... Read More

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Sweet Halloween With Armani Dolci Chocolate Sweets
Armani / Dolci sweets are no flash news for us, are they? When it comes to chocolate art, every little bit is a luxury. A... Read More

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Salvador Dali Crazy About Lanvin!
France, 1958. Salvador Dali is not beyond marketing and surely not beyond chocolate! Though you could be tempted to believe this Lanvin Chocolat may have... Read More

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Food’n’Style Chocolate Coated Bite Sized Ice Cream Sundaes
Lovely ladies, gather ’round and get your stylish kitchens ready for some (extremely) yummy recipes… Today I decided to open the Stylefrizz Kitchen and have... Read More

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Luxury Tastes Like Chocolate: Bvlgari Chocolate
Everyone knows and/or wears Bvlgari. But not everyone knows that now you can also taste Bvlgari! They just issued a special collection of hand made... Read More

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Armani Presents Halloween Chocolate!
That’s a way to trick or treat! Armani designed a special Halloween chocolate to be sold starting this week up until the end of October... Read More

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Counting Calories Chocolate Bar
I’m always having troubles with measuring how much butter I need to make my cookies. Then again, I’m always happy when it’s marked on the... Read More

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