Emmy Awards 2008 – Heidi Klum Wearing Armani Privé Dress

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Ever since it was announced that Heidi Klum will wear Armani Privé for the 60th edition of the Emmy Awards, I kept thinking about what she will choose and how sculptural her silhouette will end up looking.

It turns out she chose a metallic Armani Privé, layered, one shouldered that wasn’t all well received by the critics. However, the dress was different from the usual Emmy Red Carpet frills and thrills and the layers looked very beautiful on Heidi’s statuesque self. I also have to say that her makeup was impressively natural for a Red Carpet event and the jewelry were limited to a massive butterfly pair of earrings and matching oval ring. What was your impression about Heidi’s metallic Armani Privé dress? (there’s also a picture of Heidi’s jewelry after the jump)

Emmy Awards 2008 Heidi Klum Armani Prive dress

Emmy Awards 2008 Heidi Klum oval ring and butterfly earrings
(photos via celebutopia)


#1 Sal on 09.22.08 at 11:43 am

Wow, the critics hated this? I ADORE it. The sparkle and drape and sexy without being overbearing … it’s a killer dress, if ya ask me.

#2 Ellington on 09.22.08 at 2:36 pm

I like the fabric, but I do not like this dress. Its trying too hard to be unique. Heidi is lovely though.

#3 leyla on 09.23.08 at 5:02 am

Heidy is Lovely, the dress sucks. Just becasue its an Armni- it sells. I’ve seen crap like that at the Turkish markets( no offense, they do have some nice things too)- flashy cheap looks…Hell, that’s why I dress myself, and believe a “brand” name is there for monkeys who are not able to think for themselves.And a waste of money.

#4 Emmy Awards 2008: Heidi Klum in Armani Privè | Very Cool! on 09.24.08 at 2:32 am

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#5 Jade on 09.25.08 at 11:19 pm

she looks like an injured silver bat. but her make up and jewellery looks nice.

#6 susi on 09.25.08 at 11:24 pm

i don´t like heidi one of most unelegant models around, but
i was quite impressed about this dress
but if i imagen christy, linda…. in this dress mhh

#7 Adriana on 09.26.08 at 7:44 am

@ leyla, I agree. All the nonsense with the expensive label stuff begins to annoy me more than I can’t to express! But a Turkish market has great stuff as so many great markets or small shops have. The last decade this fashion madness has gone over the top! It all began with the CEO’s and worlds most admired errrr….lets keep it decent…..visionair Tom Ford if fashion is an religion….new Gods and Monsters it are. Since Mr. Ford -with specs because thats so hot now- will start to make his first movie. May it fail please…..pfff….sorry…

Oh yes, Heidi Klum. I like Heidi. Heidi is a charming, smart down to earth business woman. I like her and her cute family. What I cannot say of some other goddesses of fashion…

#8 kpriss on 09.27.08 at 2:15 am

I’m so glad you all girls are into the same fashion vibe as I am! I like Heidi because she’s an usual appearance in the fashion industry. Not as skinny as every model out there and not living just in and for fashion, she has her family too.

But this dress wasn’t really that impressive (at least as far as the fabric goes)!

@Sal I think it’s a killer dress because of the layering and the way that fabric falls but the actual feeling of the fabric is 100% plastic…

@Ellington, you say she’s trying to be unique? in what?

@leyla, you’re right! Turkish and Chinese explosive mix! sometimes, however, a brand’s name on something is a guarantee for the product’s quality. I’m not blinded by luxury brands and most of the times, the prices are overexpensive, not justified by the product itself but by the brand. So I’d rather pay a good product than a blingy label.

@Jade – the earrings impressed me too!

@susi I don’t really see Linda or Christy wearing something like that…

@Adriana, you’re right, sometimes it’s all blew out of proportions with fashion and all fashion related. It’s like believing the movie characters are real. It’s just entertainment.

Heidi and her kinds are indeed a pretty sight to see!

#9 susi on 09.29.08 at 3:20 am

you are right,

what´s with misses pfeiffer or stone…

the only thing i wanted to say is a classical beauty face fits more to this dress

#10 Boywori on 10.14.08 at 2:45 am

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