Emmy Awards 2008 – Julia Louis-Dreyfuss Wears Narciso Rodriguez Dress

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No matter what I do and how I look at her, I can’t take the Seinfeld factor out of Julia Louis-Dreyfuss. Something about her will always remind me of her Elaine character.

I know people evolve and going as far as seeing a real person as the character she once played is childish and inappropriate, but that’s how I feel about Julia. So I look at this peachy dressed unknown woman and ask myself what happened to the frizzy hair, the glasses and the expansive Elaine! However, this Narciso Rodriguez is so plain and dull to my eyes that the shiny bandage top really doesn’t make up for all that. Do you think that this less really is more? That this gown was the match made in heaven by Narciso Rodriguez for Julia?

Emmy Awards 2008 Julia Louis Dreyfuss Narciso Rodriguez dress
(photos via celebutopia)

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#1 Ellington on 09.22.08 at 2:34 pm

I love Julia Louis Dreyfuss!
When I now look at her I see her as Christine, the wacky character she plays on “The New Adventures of Old Christine”. I no longer think of her as Elaine Benes, because when I do that makes me think of Sarah Palin and that makes me feel really awful. : (
As for the dress its red carpet fancy but not spectacular.
By the way was anybody spectacular last night or did they tone it down in honour of the sad state the US economy is in?

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