Paul Burrell Jewelry Line

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America is and always will be fascinated with everything-Britain-related. You may look at the title of this article and raise eyebrows saying “who is Paul Burrell” or maybe you’ll just look at the title like it was nothing. Paul Burrell isn’t an anonymous. And he isn’t a clothing/accessory designer either. He is nothing, actually.

He’s just a money loving shadow of his former self – he was the butler of Diana Princess of Wales. And he hasn’t honored her memory in any way. Now he lives in the US, in Florida and makes a living by associating his former occupation and the name of the late Princess with everything he does.

Paul Burrell Images

After inventing himself a three-books-writer, a wine-maker ($11/bottle), now he goes into jewelry with pieces inspired by the late Diana’s taste in gems: 18-karat tri-color, 1.14-carat Diamond Flower Ring ($1,700), white and rose gold 1.85-carat Diamond Flower Pendant with chain ($2,500). Going to that much trouble to earn his millions makes Paul Burrell an honest man?
(via wwd, photo via paulburrellrvm, telegraph)

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