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Are You Fit To Be A Fashion Designer? Weekend Psychology
After concluding that today was one of those days when you find out that even your cat is aiming to be a fashion designer, this... Read More

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Thom Browne’s Men Skirt Suit On The Move!
Though we highly speculated that maybe Marc Jacobs was the proud owned of Thom Browne’s entire stock of men skirt suits, this week we’re proved... Read More

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Liam Gallagher’s Pretty Green Fashion Collection
Oasis. Liam Gallagher. Fashion. You think there’s a strange sound to that? Wait till you see the lil’video! You’d say a Guy Ritchie movie! Liam’s... Read More

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Kevin Federline Otzi Collection For Kids
I guess much has happened since I haven’t covered the celeb-turned-designer front! Because here I was, hoping this was a perfectly quiet Monday, a great... Read More

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Mischa Barton’s Headband Line For Stacey Lapidus
Headbands are a great fashion statement it appears. Mischa Barton wears them, so they’ve got to be a smashing style hit. Right? Now you may... Read More

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Helen Mirren Is A Marks & Spencer Designer?
With Matthew Williamson flying from Debenbams to Hennes and Mauritz, I see a possible further collaboration between Dame Helen Mirren and British retail giant Marks... Read More

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Michael Jackson Clothing Collection. Wait, what?
If you believed Janet was the only one feeding the Jacksons, well, here’s Jacko coming to rescue! Supposedly made with Ed Hardy and Christian Audigier,... Read More

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Perez Hilton Hot Topic Line Complete (Flip) Flop
How about that? Perez Hilton launched his glorious line and only seven people showed up. Three hours later, the fabulous sales registered an incredible $6.45.... Read More

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