Jacob The Jeweler Prison Work

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Don’t you just love a little fashion inside story? Especially when it’s about the sparkling world of diamonds and luxury jewels.

Jacob Arabo was sentenced to prison. His jail time will be effective beginning January 15th 2009. Why not effective immediately? Because the world cannot live without him, because he has to leave things in perfect order so they’ll continue to run smoothly even during his imprisonment time.

Jacob Arabo Jacob The Jeweler The King of Bling

Why can’t the world live without him and who is this Jacob Arabo?

Otherwise known as Jacob the Jeweler or the King of Bling he is everything his names state him to be and more – he is the living proof of the American Dream! Coming to the States when he was only 14 from what was then the URSS (part of which confederation, Russia was in the days), he somehow managed to become a jewelry magnate.

Jacob Arabo Jewelry

He started selling gems in 1986 and his star raised high up with Faith. Faith Evans, that is, the wife of late Notorious BIG, who was the first to find his store and spread the word. And she spread it well. Today, Jacob is the preferred bling-er for numerous famous clients (from which we can easily call: Sean Combs, Mary J. Blige, Beyoncé, Jessica Simpson, Jessica Alba, David Beckham, Christy Turlington). But that much sparkle has its dark sides to…

Jacob the Jeweler Jelwelry Creations

The first lawsuit claiming that Jacob has broke the law came from Cartier, in 2004. They pretended that The Jeweler took Cartier watches, added diamonds and sell them further on without permission (as his own). That wasn’t much of a stop for the King of Bling. Besides being referenced in tons of songs (r’n’b, rap and hip hop mostly), he also got a “Law and Order” episode (season 17, episode “Bling”). In 2006 was again accused of breaking the law (this time he was accused of money laundering for a certain Mafia family). Released at the time based upon his declarations that he admitted false later on, he was now sentenced to 30 months in federal prison.

Jacob the Jeweler with Sean P Diddy Combs and Pharell

Doesn’t this deserve a film? A fancy one, like they used to make back in the days, with mafia families, rappers, all drama and bling?
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