Versace $227,000 Destiny Jewelry Watch

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Versace is branding Luxury. At a recent Watch Fair in Baselworld, the Donatella unveiled the Versace “not like a watch” watch.

Available on order only, it’s a gold timepiece with a dial covered in more than 122 white diamonds. Given that three of this overprecious Destiny watch have already been sold, seems like The Versace lady makes sense:

Versace Destiny Jewelry Watch

“Women don’t really need a watch to tell time today — they have their cell phones and BlackBerrys. This is a jewelry watch.”

So? What else is there unnecessary in your daily routine? So we’d know what Versace’s up to next! (after helicopters and watches not meant to be worn as watches)

(not to mention I look at this ultra expensive watch and I don’t see the beauty of it at all! Looks like a fish in a can!)

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#1 Adriana on 04.04.08 at 9:22 am

Sorry kpriss, I find this so vulgar……looking at the economy……and……no, let’s don’t get into politics and society issues here.

But, I do very much appreciate you shows us what’s going on in a world that’s not mine.

#2 Arnoldo Valerio on 04.04.08 at 4:15 pm

We are not here to talk about politics or economy, It’s all about this watch . Which is an perfect example of what Vito can create. I find it marvelous, and has some Greece and ancient Roman Empire style on it. I only can agree with the words this is a jewelry watch. So what??Further I have to disagree with a certain member of yours which said it’s vulgar. Nothing is vulgar as long as people pay for a piece of a designer, if it is a watch or a simple dress.

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