Emma Watson at the Sony Ericsson Empire Film Awards

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.. or look how even the perfect Hermione Granger can pull a bad spell!

Looking charming as usual, the sweetest innocent face, all cute and smart, Emma Watson graces everyone attending the Sony Ericsson Empire Film Awards in London with her put together ballerina air.

Emma Watson at the Sony Ericsson Film Award Empire Festival in London

Looking at her you could almost agree with the lack of jewelry… until your eyes block on the left wrist and then on the sandals.

I can understand that she’s having the highest esteem for Burberry, but those sandals, I bet, there were part of either a misspelled charm or the work of a bad wizard. They’re completely out of this movie! Why, Emma, why?

Are you trying a punk-princess look? Did you had a bad day and you sacked your stylist? (if ever?) My eyes hurt when looking at that studded leather cuff and then back at the sandals. I just wish I had a magic wand to fix it all!


#1 Amy on 05.18.08 at 10:44 am

I don’t agree with you… I love it al together :)

#2 elenildolavigne on 03.02.09 at 7:16 am

emma watson é uma linda garota e muito maravilhosa.
emma watson é fantastica e uma lindona estrela. uma estrela muito mavilhosa.

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