Kate Moss Pictures by Hedi Slimane for Libération

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Woman’s day has got to be special or not at all. Hedi Slimane’s women’s special is Kate Moss. Even if you’re not Kate Moss or even closer, I hope you had a great March 8th!

Having a special project with Libération, Hedi Slimane brought along Kate Moss to deliver a breeze of the England’s Rock Stage before taking the pages by storm with his edition.

Kate Moss by Hedi Slimane for Liberation
Kate Moss by Hedi Slimane for Liberation Portrait

Not very sparkling, not too haute couture, not even off-drugs-looking, the photos wear undoubtedly Hedi’s signature.

Kate Moss by Hedi Slimane for Liberation Picture
Kate Moss by Hedi Slimane for Liberation for Woman’s International Day

Of course, it raised many voices against, but most of all, it raised voices. And it was not selling anything. It was just about women and their International Day (8th March). And you know me, I just speak my mind – some of the reactions were about Kate and her showing that much skin (especially breasts) when passing a certain age (?) or about her posing pure and simple.

Kate Moss by Hedi Slimane for Liberation Sweater picture
Kate Moss by Hedi Slimane for Liberation Pictures

I’d like to get some reactions from you as well because when I’m reading the kind of feedback I just told you about makes me wonder what kind of aesthetics pushes people to react like this.

Kate Moss by Hedi Slimane for Liberation Photo
Kate Moss by Hedi Slimane for Liberation Picture Detail

I found the pictures rather sad. I thought they show the loneliness of an independent grown up woman who has about everything. Who doesn’t need to prove anything and doesn’t ask for anything. The background looks creepy in some photos and has nothing glamorous. In one word, the photo shooting seemed “sincere” to me.

Kate Moss by Hedi Slimane for Liberation Picture in Armchair
Kate Moss by Hedi Slimane for Liberation Picture with Cigarette

I’m having more and more trouble looking at fashion photography and finding it authentic. These stroke me with more reality than candid pictures. The only thing that sorrows me is that fashion photographers still find smoking glamorous. Now I’ll leave it to you – what’s your saying about the photos, her attitude and all?

Kate Moss by Hedi Slimane for Liberation Upclose
Kate Moss by Hedi Slimane for Liberation Photos
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#1 Adriana on 03.10.08 at 5:24 am

I’ve seen some other ones too from this serie. Didn’t know though these were made by Hedi Slimane. So these were meant for March 8th International Women’s Day? I’m not a prude, I’m not easily shocked either, but I can’t see in this shoot any celebration about being a woman. She shows some flesh but hides her face? I find the shoot sad too and this doesn’t show an independent woman to me at all. (La Moss, if we have to believe gossip stories seems not even to be able to take care of her child or can do simple things as paying her bills – that’s what happens when you’re a star a 15 and has no education or has lived a normal life ever but that’s another story……)

#2 acidhorse on 03.10.08 at 6:04 am

Showing flesh after a certain age raises concerns? Oh my…

#3 kpriss on 03.10.08 at 8:20 am

You’re right Adriana, there are more pictures in the series, only they weren’t in this site’s ethic, exposing a little more than we’re committed to show here. I believed it was the look of an independent as in not tied down, not settled down, it’s my fault for not being clearer on that point.

When looking at a pretty picture, nobody asks what the model’s education level is. If their own ambition leads them to drugs instead of books, it’s their choice.

Sadly enough I’ve come across this kind of declaration on the internet. I was left at first reacting like you, acidhorse and then a wave of indignation filled my head and even if I thought I have had my share of fashion photography for the week, I decided showing the pictures and asking opinions, expressing my disappointment in people’s reaction to Hedi Slimane’s pictures.

#4 Linda on 03.10.08 at 11:47 am

Those photos look rather depressing. I’m not sure how it represents Women’s Day, because that’s not how I think women should be portrayed (personally) – at least not completely.

#5 superficialdiva on 03.11.08 at 4:37 am

The photos may seem sad because they are black and white and because it’s hard to make Kate smile. It’s like a trend in the UK not to smile.

If Kate is lonely that’s mostly her fault and no need to do a photoshot to tell us about that. She is a grown up woman with a little girl and she should know that being drunk all the time won’t bring her happiness.

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