Irina Lazareanu the Real Style Icon

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Lately I found a new cliché worth settling, cliché that everyone seems to avoid – that Kate Moss is no longer the ultimate trend setter, the highest reference in style. The real one with that style sparkle is Irina Lazareanu.

Thus, after the Kate-Irina friend-story fell into non existence, Kate Moss was left frozen with the current scene from Irina’s style theater – the skinny trend. Ever since, we’re witnessing a permanent skinny Kate – skinny grey jeans, skinny black jeans, almost every piece of Kate’s wardrobe is world wide seen over and over again.

Irina Lazareanu Man Vest

Irina, on the other hand, has evolved (we’re talking fashion, personal life aside) constantly, writing scene after scene in style’s theater. This is one picture I promised I would get posted (taken on the first days of March). I fell in love with that man suit, especially the pants. Now I’m showing them to you and asking you what are your feelings about Irina’s style and about wide leg pants.

Irina Lazareanu Man Suit


#1 Gwyneth Paltrow Cute As A (Missing) Button for Iron Man LA Premiere — StyleFrizz on 05.01.08 at 10:13 am

[…] of) upper assets and her (what looks to be a) flawless back is a interesting move. Not to mention the flare leg pants, so in right now. And the masculine touch of the Stella McCartney outfit, so stylish this […]

#2 biju on 07.08.08 at 1:45 am

the photo is from
isn’t it?

#3 kpriss on 07.08.08 at 7:55 am

Both photos are from the very site you asked about! Excellent observation! And if you would’ve read the article, you’d found a text link directing you to the article where the photos were originally published ;)

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