Chloë Sevigny Second Collection for Opening Ceremony

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Or how can you make people talk about your fashion style even when you have none!

I thought the first collaboration with Opening Ceremony was going to be the last. Sadly, it turned out there was a second wave of destruction. Chloë Sevigny has done it again. Trying to convince us of her uber existent chic and sense of fashion, she pulled out few more horror rabbits out of the closet.

Chloe Sevigny Opening Ceremony 2008

There’s no need to suspect computer problems! The photos look just like that. It’s a new art-fashion-thing completely beyond us! I believed, just like you, that the point in all this was presenting the clothes. Looking at these I’d say we were terribly wrong!

Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony

The shock of the shocks is when you go check out fashion-bloggers feed back! It creeps me out! I’m just wondering if they’re (for one) paid to express a certain opinion, if (for two) don’t have the courage to lay down their true terror when looking at these clothes, or finally if they have any style idea at all!

Chloe Sevigny Opening Ceremony Collection 2008

I extracted these panels out of the Opening Ceremony lookbook trying to synthesize things and make them look more appealing than Miss Sevigny’s modeling.

Chloe Sevigny Opening Ceremony Second Collection

Fashion bloggers aside, what’s your say about this collection?
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#1 e. varden on 03.07.08 at 12:46 pm

Some of these (esp the last two) are just kiddie-porn via prepubescent frocks. (“Plus, I gots TITS!”) (“Aren’t my knock-kneeth justh tho CUTE?”)

Bad shit, indeed.

#2 Adriana on 03.07.08 at 1:01 pm

Oh, this is supposed to be a “serious collection”? There was a time I liked Chloë Sevigny’s style a lot. Or I have changed or she has lost it. Go to any recycle or second hand shop, grab around whatever you can lay your hands on and voila you’ve such a collection ready to throw on the market. What a shame I’m not a celeb I would be rich in in whimp!

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#6 Holly on 12.31.08 at 11:09 pm

You seem to hate her. I don’t see why.
You wonder if they even have any style at all; I assure you, they most likely do, but because their sense of style is different from yours, you cannot see it.

#7 Ellington on 03.14.09 at 6:33 pm

Ye gads! I just don’t get Chloe and why she is hailed as some kind of fashion style maven, it truly boggles my mind. But then I am also one of those people who cannot see those 3d pictures (you know the ones you stare at a blob mess long enough and you are suppose to see a sailboat or some such). Maybe Chloe is like that for me? ; )
I will say though that those pictures give me nausea and a mild headache.

#8 Eve Solange on 12.06.09 at 5:05 am

Hey, are you all americans? I bet you are…Bacause it looks like you can not accept anything else but your stupid fake stars singing in pantihoses. Chloe is a masterpiece as she is different, unconvenient and strange.Since 20 years she is IT girl!!! But on her own way. THAT is why she is interesting for so long time. Without becoming one of those “fashion” zombies.

#9 Adriana on 12.06.09 at 2:22 pm

Eve Solange, huh? I’m a European.
I think Chloë makes interesting choices in movie parts. It seems I saw her for the first time in “Kids” but I can’t remember her really and was somewhat shocked by that film. I loved her a lot in “Boys don’t cry”, since then I’m aware of her acting talents though I do not like all her parts. Yes, she stands out in the way she dresses herself. Certainly. That isn’t though the same thing to me as being “a designer”. I stick to my opinion and am certainly not a hater neither a “fashion zombie”. On the contrary! I’m a bit rebellious against “trend rules”. :D

Hmm, the stars in pantihoses? You should read more in this blog and I bet you get a different view. :)

#10 Ellington on 12.07.09 at 9:48 pm

So sorry to disappoint you Eve Solange, but I too am not an American, and I still stand by what I stated. ;)

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