The Campfire Necklace

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Remember those Matchstick Earrings? Well, today I found them a match made in matchstick heaven! The Campfire Necklace is made from silver and the matchstick has an enamel head, it’s designed by Ann Pocket and costs $120.

For me, the fire magic is all gone now since I discovered last week my toddlers playing with matches (that they took from a drawer secured against little hands! And imagine that – they took the matchsticks and leaved the matchbox in the drawer! Couldn’t really figure out how they did it, but the important thing is I found them) so all reference to these tiny magical objects tends to freak me out!

Matchstick Campfire Necklace

I still wanted to bring you this necklace for fun, especially because I already shared the Matchstick Earrings with you. So what do you say? Too eccentric? Or your genre of playful accessories?
(via souvenir shop)

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