Maleficent Magic Visual Concept: Costumes For Angelina Jolie And Elle Fanning

One of the most anticipated movies of 2014, Maleficent delivered beyond the expectations both at the box-office level and in the viewers’ hearts (out of the $170Millions used to make the movie, $70Millions were recovered in the very first weekend in theaters).

Once more, Angelina Jolie proves not only that she can take a motion picture beyond its wildest cashing in points but also that she can really act. She has her own commercial appeal, abundantly seasoned with action and thoroughly dipped in a love-hate indecisive blend. Maleficent is a very visual mix. And Angelina is a huge (successful) part of that.

Maleficent Angelina Jolie wings and costumes

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What To Wear When You Already Have Everything: Rihanna CFDA 2014

For Rihanna, who just received the Fashion Icon Award at the 2014 CFDA ceremony was recently complaining that she has nothing more to wear. Naturally, the world was asking what will she wear, then, to the fashionable formal event, if she has nothing to wear?

The answer, as Rihanna found it, was just that: ‘nothing’! Showing up at the Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards 2014 in a completely sheer maxi dress matching her headscarf to her gown and long gloves.. Undoubtedly beautiful beyond words, Rihanna feeds herself with controversy soup, gossip grill with a lot of ‘what the…’ sauce on the side! She’s serving herself ice-cold with sprinkles of honesty and drama, letting us savor her youth to the last drop as the utmost delicious nectar on the Celebrity altar.

Rihanna see through Vogue cover outfit CFDA outfit

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Dare To Wear Handmade Organic Jewelry By Manaka?

Have you ever wondered how do those who have enlarged, stretched piercings take advantage of their newly created physical shape as to wear the appropriate jewelry and now look awkward? After seeing the handmade jewelry signed by Manaka, the stretched piercing jewelry lost all their mystery!

Organic materials, turned by hand into carefully designed pieces of jewelry and clothing inspired by Manaka’s love for life really brought the sunshine in a rainy day.

handmade jewelry stretched ears Manaka

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5 Reasons Why Wide Legged Pants Are The Best For You!

More and more we hear about a daily uniforms. A type of outfit style which is perfect for one’s constitution and fits all and every occasions when inspiration isn’t helping or you simply forgot to do your laundry the day before!

This is one of the uniforms I found to be most flattering for so many body types, I decided to call it out and, perhaps, help some of you who really need a flawless dressy options for real life outfits. Here are 5 of the main reasons wide leg pants are perfect for you!

1.Wide leg pants make you look slimmer!

I started out with this one as it’s the most common mistake women tend to make when thinking about wearing wide leg pants: no, wide leg pants do not make you look fuller. Au contraire!

wide leg jeans better than skinny jeans Katie Holmes

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How 26 Fashion People Celebrated Memorial Day

The last week of the last month of May from 2014. Days we live and never get to relive again – if we had that in mind, how would we choose to live today? Everyday? Memorial Day or any other day? Here’s 26 fashion people’s instagram updates from May 26th, the last Monday of May 2014! (Happy Memorial Day!)

1.Gisele Bundchen covers Vogue Brasil June 2014 with Neymar

Photographed by Mario Testino, Gisele and Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior, two of Brazil’s most appreciated celebrities try to bring attention to the 2014 FIFA World Cup to take place in Brazil from June 12th to July 13th. If the soccer fans energy could be transformed into electric energy, I think the lightbulbs of the world would never go off! So that’s quite a powerful way to kick start the new week!

Gisele Bundchen Neymar Vogue Brazil June 2014 cover

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Latest Men Style Trend: Chest Hair And Heavage

Going through the latest celebrity pictures, I can safely say that a burgeoning men style trend is about to take over the male population and your call is needed in establishing whether it’s a good trend or a rather ‘meh’ one!

Adrien Brody and Jude Law has been seen adopting this style in two separate occasions, both on the casual and on the formal side of the wardrobe! Starting off with Cannes as it’s the fashion ‘du jour’ with Adrien Brody attending a photo call for his latest movie, Emperor wore a slick grey suit complete with vest but sans tie or bow tie.

new men style trend cleavage chest hair

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Neutral Is The New Black: Kim Kardashian And Eva Longoria France Fashion

Summer is (finally) here and while we’re looking for the perfect neutrals to match the perfect tan we’ll be getting this season, peaking at the rich and famous is always a good idea. As they have the means and they get the influential coverage to set trends and inspire fashions.

On May 14th, Europe’s most prestigious Film Festival rolled out the most impressive Red Carpet of them all. 11 days of glamour and continuous inspiration for all fashion people worldwide! As I keep one eye on the formal happening and one on the street fashion, I just realized that form fitting beige is the new black! Take a look at Eva Longoria and Kim Kardashian here:

neutral stretch is the new black Kim Kardashian Eva Longoria

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JLo’s 2014 Billboard Music Awards Dress Vs Blake Lively Cannes Gucci Dress

The Red Carpet confrontation between two continents is not only fantastic but also an opportunity to conclude on major trends for the evening formal wear we’re supposed to look for. Cannes vs Billboard Music Awards, the dramatic leg slit glam dress case:

Jennifer Lopez 2014 Billboard Music Awards

Donna Karan red dress Looking at this gown, one may as well conclude that Jennifer Lopez has a glam style of her own as even 14 years later, J.Lo seems to go for the same design that made her famous in 2000 when attending the Grammy Awards in a green Versace dress.

JLo Billboard awards dress Blake Lively Cannes dress

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