L’Oreal Selling A Beauty Cliche With Kirsten Dunst New Ads

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Take a moment and think about what you’re after when you’re buying a hair product which reads ‘Beach Waves’. Because Kirsten Dunst is proposing an entire package through L’Oreal’s latest ad campaign.

Super tanned, super luscious, super curved, beautiful Kirsten Dunst appeared to have gained a few extra inches of hair over night (not to mention the tousled waves). Since she’s been named the first spokesperson for L’Oreal Professionel, this is Kirsten’s second campaign for the cosmetics giant and although she’s been appointed in her new mission for who she is, the marketing team behind her campaigns is keen on transforming her into someone else…

Kirsten Dunst L Oreal hair vs real hair

Anthony Turner is the hairstylist responsible for Kirsten’s L’Oreal hair glamour, but with touching up her locks came an entire army of beauty clichés which turned Kirsten into a summer ideal on paper/screen. The 32-year old actress is known for her prodigious acting career but also for her marble-white skin which she constantly preserves sans tan year after year.

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But behold! Kirsten can’t fight back L’Oreal’s tanning agent and she’s now transformed under the unforgiving magic wand of beauty and beach tresses into yet another Sports Illustrated cliché. True, with a glamorous and more covering swimsuit, but with a look that could easily make people ask if this isn’t Doutzen Kroes, par hazard!

Kirsten Dunst L Oreal ads big hair

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I’m certain L’Oreal Professionel has thought of everything and has an appropriate self-tanning solution or a sun protective lotion that could offer the promise of safe sun exposure in a bottle. But how about the hair extensions, then? Cosmetics giant Rimmel was forced to withdraw some of its ads back in 2010 because they were using false eyelashes to promote mascara. How about hair products? Can’t we do something about those hair extensions in hair commercials?

Kirsten Dunst first ads with L Oreal

We worry so much about this and that affecting our youth’s way of thinking, of acting, why don’t we act ourselves by putting honesty above money and stop promoting lies just to make people buy certain products? (images getty, loreal)

Kirsten Dunst L Oreal spokesperson


#1 Adriana V on 06.19.14 at 4:32 pm

I totally agree with everything you wrote. It’s super annoying all these lies in commercials, advertisement and editorials. I wouldn’t have recognise L’Oreal Kirsten at all. The only thing I really like here is the purple sofa. ;)

#2 kpriss on 06.20.14 at 7:16 am

looks like a ginormous weekender bag lol!
I actually liked her in the first ad campaign – she looked retro-ish and classy, not the wild card she was playing for this summer’s adverts! (are we too old-school?)

#3 Adriana V on 06.23.14 at 9:51 am

Definitely old school I’m afraid and that’s what I’m gonna be until I die. I have never seen that many lies told in the ad campaign’s as the last decade. Well, since the new era. No wonder so many young girls and women are insecure. Worrying about wrinkles in their 20s/30s already? What a waste…….

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