Ready For Polaroid Jewelry?

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Continuing the series of gifts for those who are impossibly passionate about photography, here’s the Polaroid shaped jewelry. Lovingly customizable, you can frame your very own picture in the Polaroid frame. Isn’t that something?

Imagine this as a cool gift for the photo passionate or for your loved ones; you can either frame a picture of yourself within or a portrait of someone significant to make this gift a personalized story. Anyway, I admit – I’m relieved to find such gifts, it’ll surely work wonders for me (who, need I remind you, I have no memory whatsoever when it comes to actual photography apparel or techniques). How do you find the wee Polaroids? (Etsy via)

Polaroid necklace

Polaroid necklace earrings

Polaroid jewelry

Polaroid earrings

Polaroid brooch

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