Perfect Gift For Photography Passionates

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There’s the season, love and understanding… and gifting dilemmas! I always feel the need. Scratch that: the imperative urge to ask people what they want as gift for a special occasion / anniversary or even for Christmas. Sure, that spoils the fun and the surprise, but I’d risk that rather than seeing my gift being regifted or forgotten in some dark corner without being useful to anyone.

Long story short (how do you find the appropriate gift?) – the perfect gift for the amateur or professional photographer comes in the shape of a Lens bracelet! What? you think it’s weird? Wait till you dig the actual photography tools – you’ll see how useless your memory really is and what a blessing the point and shoot autofocus cameras really are!

lens bracelets

My Adored Husband, who’s really passionate about photography (and, generally, about beautiful things) tried to explain photography stuff to me, his photography ignorant Loving Wife oh-so-many times and nothing stuck in my head! Aperture? It must be some kind of middle age French device. What? it’s not? Well.. how about… exposure time? It’s like that time when you go to a tanning session and you expose yourself to the tanning lamps? No? it’s not that? I told you! You’re absolutely better off with these bracelets! Wouldn’t you agree? (available at Photojojo; via)

wearing the lens bracelets

two lens bracelets

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#1 Agingerella on 11.22.10 at 8:41 am

I wish I could find these ones somewhere I’ve a person in mind. He can explain whatever about lenses; I’m happy these days with my silly cellphone photos! :D

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