Dare To Wear The Utility Ring?

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Come summer, the season of picnics and great outdoors explorations is open and to our delight, we get to do a lot of that with the kids. Among the many things we pack for a quick field trip is a mini Swiss army utility knife, I gift I got when I was a teenager and used it and carried with me ever since. It seems indestructible and it sure doesn’t show its age, having a blade as sharp as it was the very first day it landed in my life.

But this ring right here may just challenge the longevity of the said utility knife! Because you don’t even need to carry it in a pocket, you just put it on your finger and you’re good to go! The Utility Ring seems the best gadget idea ever! Sure, the producer said it was originally intended for men to wear and utilize, but take my word for it, an utility ring is perfect for anyone, beyond gender and many other social standards artificially used to set us apart! Do hit the jump for more details!

revolutionary utility ring

The ring is crafted from aerospace grade titanium and it comes equipped with a bottle opener, a straight blade, a serrated blade, a saw and a comb. It can be custom made with a fix width of 9mm and a polished inside for better comfort. It can also be engraved for higher personalization and the brass rivets sure add that extra touch of class.

great gadget titanium utility ring

I don’t know about you, but had I seen this ring before Father’s Day, I wouldn’t thought twice before getting it! It just seems like the best gadget ever! Doesn’t it? ($385 on etsydotcom, BooneRings store. And just in case you’re asking yourself that: no, the fine people at BooneRings have no idea who I am and I stumbled across their ring by pure accident, while running up and down on the wide alleys of the interwebs, looking for something to inspire me. And I just did! wink)

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