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About Aging And Kids With Julianne Moore
I sometimes ask myself, whenever I see a new, extraordinary, revealing story with yet the same famous person who was interviewed tens of times before,... Read More

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Affordable (Rip-Off) Catwalk Fashion Via H&M. Good Or Bad?
I’m not always memorizing catwalk looks which I then identify in fast fashion stores. But when it does happen: identifying a catwalk ripoff, I feel... Read More

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Feeling Too Pretty Today? How About Quitting Your Job?
Or write a book. Like Laura Fernee here who just felt too pretty to go to work! When I first read the titles my eyes... Read More

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Angelina Jolie Vs. Cancer: Proactive Double Mastectomy
Although I used to follow news about Angelina Jolie and her life choices on a daily basis (read nearly obsessive), I was really surprised by... Read More

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World’s Hottest Supermodel According To Vogue US June 2013: Kate Upton
That’s disputable, honestly. But if a fashion entity such as Vogue is claiming that not only they found the hottest model on Earth, but that... Read More

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The Great Gatsby Soundtrack: Lana Del Rey Young&Beautiful
While I was admiring the Red Carpet pictures from The Great Gatsby premiere, I got word about the famous Young&Beautiful song performed by Lana del... Read More

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Nina Ricci L’Air Du Temps Redesigned By Olivia Putman
These past couple of days I was reading this and that piece of news and briefly concluded that being a creative (in any field: from... Read More

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The Most Important Thing About Buying A Bra!
… is that you don’t actually need one! Surprising, I know, but these are the latest research conclusions issued by a French doctor, Jean-Denis Rouillon... Read More

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