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Blue Jeans, Black Turtleneck. Style Geek Par Excellence, Steve Jobs Has Died
I know this isn’t how we do things around here. However, I just can’t sit back and say nothing. I feel a great loss, even... Read More

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Louboutins. The Good Side Of The Wearing Story
Last week we talked about the much hyped Christian Louboutin shoes and the possibly, maybe, exaggerated shrine made to Louboutin measure. And you were partially... Read More

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What Is Your Beauty?
You may remember I talked about beauty and what it meant to me a while back. I’m getting there again. Because I think it’s important... Read More

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Louboutin Shoes: Are They Really Worth The Money And The Buzz?
We’ve all followed the news and found out how Christian Louboutin is fighting to protect their red soles. For that’s what the world has come... Read More

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Target Dot Com Is Down. Blame Missoni For Target
You knew Missoni was coming to a Target near you! And you also knew Missoni for Target was coming on a computer screen near you.... Read More

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Anna Wintour’s Meme – Fashion Week’s Most Notable Happening
Anna Wintour. Books have been written about her. Movies have been made about (and with) her. Columns, entire websites talk about her 24 / 7.... Read More

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Should Dior Take Galliano Back?
Little has been said in John Galliano’s favor since his falling from grace in that most unhappy, unpleasant and unforgettable drunk terrace talk. Fashion people... Read More

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Carine Roitfeld Said No More Cigarettes For Fashion
My daaahlings, mark your calendars! Today, the first of September, 2011, is a grand day for photography and fashion. For Fashion Photography. Fashion magazines may... Read More

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