Catwalk Copywalk: JWAnderson Vs Comme Des Garcons Plagiarism Revealed

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In a perfectly fashionable world, there’s just no escaping from the fashion vigilantes! Just look at what they unearthed today: a dubious similarity (that’s the diplomatic way of saying ‘flagrant plagiarism’) between a certain Comme des Garcons collection and a very recently shown JWAnderson collection

I take no credit whatsoever for discovering this, but I think it makes a pretty decent case of ‘all that is old will be new again’ and more of the kind. Because, really, as flattering as it may be, copying someone’s hard work is not such a good idea. For both parties! Especially when the fashin vigilante is there to keep us all safe from all creativity offenders!

Comme des Garcons vs JWAnderson

However, we’ve seen this type of fashion doing before, on the catwalk or in a boutique near us, so it’s not really all that surprising or new. In my humble opinion, though, unhappy similarities of this magnitude should be reprehended just like Galliano was for his drunken remarks. For they are just as offending for (1) hardworking designers who strive to deliver something new with every collection and for (2) fashion professionals who see and tell what just happened and for (3) potential customers or innocent admirers who have no idea about what went on behind closed catwalk curtains…

JWAnderson collection inspired by Comme des Garcons

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