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Selfridges Regrets Alexander McQueen Hanging Dress Window
You imagine I couldn’t keep quiet over this distastefulness. Good thing it’s all gone now. It’s a disgrace for Selfridges to have made such window... Read More

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Levi’s Everybody’s Work Is Equally Important Go Forth Campaign
There’s a high possibility that the situation of Braddock, Pennsylvania, however, in short, the story resumes to the revitalization of a city. Its major, John... Read More

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The New Advertising Fashion
There’s something about the new advertising. Something really bigger, stronger, smarter than me. Because I don’t really get it. Come watch the two following videos.... Read More

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How To Choose Your Sunscreen
The time is now, as the hot season is upon us and there’s no escape from the burning sun. However, I’ll keep this one brief... Read More

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Lauryn Hill’s Style Evolution
You missed Lauryn Hill, I know you did! And even if you didn’t, then know that I did! So very much! Lauryn Hill’s voice and... Read More

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Photoshop Before And After By Debenhams
We finally had the chance to see (and by “we” I’m talking about us, the non-professionals of the holy airbrushing, the god of all beauty... Read More

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Christy Turlington’s No Woman, No Cry
Chirsty Turlington is worldwide famous for her supermodel days. Now she’s trying to get trough as a filmmaker. No Woman, No Cry is a very... Read More

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Photoshop For Skinny Girls: Hide Away Their Bones
Now here’s a piece of information you rarely find on the interwebs of fashion. Because it’s just as taboo-ish as talking about eating disorders and... Read More

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