Nina Ricci L’Air Du Temps Redesigned By Olivia Putman

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These past couple of days I was reading this and that piece of news and briefly concluded that being a creative (in any field: from design to music) is like living in a closed circle. Artists look down at us, mere mortals, and think: ‘oh! poor mere mortals! They’re not like us, creative gods who have the power and the freedom of arts! They’re limited!’ But guess what?! We, who can look upward, backwards and pretty much every way we want, are not the ones who are limited! Au contraire!

We have all the freedom we want! They don’t! The mighty creative souls are eternally damned to swim in the same creative waters. Swirling together with oh-so-many other talentful individuals, also creatively blessed. So a nice, tight little creative society, borderless, nationless and utterly misfit (wink) is created by the said creative individuals. Who can’t and won’t feel free with any others except themselves. Trusting one another with artistic endeavors and creative missions, their art ends up like an over-chewed piece of meat: tasteless, shapeless and… useless (ever wondered why we keep referencing Masters of times past arts more than the contemporary artists?).

But that’s just a theory. Here’s a happy project, which is none of the above. Well.. almost: Nina Ricci’s L’Air du Temps is one of the most famous, most worn and appreciated perfumes worldwide. As such, its essence can’t be profoundly altered, but the packaging can. Not radically, but slightly. Olivia Putman, one of the most creative individuals France prides itself with momentarily put a spin on the old Air du Temps.

Nina Ricci l Air du Temps perfume 2012 makeover

Since Olivia’s work ranges from interior design to perfume, the bottle she imagined resembles a flower, something Olivia has been passionate about since her years as a landscape specialist. It’s a beautiful design, wonderful colors and soft shapes looking more like a gently twisted flower bud than a white dove.

Olivia Putman Nina Ricci perfume bottle

However, my creativity theory exposed above is, as opposed to its preaching, open to new perspectives, so don’t hold back if you think it could be tweaked!

Olivia Putman Nina Ricci l Air du Temps bottle

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#1 Appollonia on 04.23.13 at 10:21 am

I prefer the classic bottle. It’s more subtle, softer, like l’air du temps is…;)

I like the new design of the bottle. Not the box. The box looks like the vintage tea towels my granny used.
However I understand they liked to renew the bottle design. I hope though we still have a choice between the old and the new bottle.

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