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Lauren Bush Feed Bag Whole Foods Deal
I think by now everyone got used to Lauren Bush wearing her Feed bag from casual street style to fancy parties as part of her... Read More

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Does My Car Really Fit Me?
Do you know those moments when you ask yourself if your car really fits you? Or your bag? Or the shoes you wanted so much... Read More

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The Kaiser Lagerfeld Wears Prada
How high can you go and how inflated with your own ego can you be, once you get there? I often get to read about... Read More

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The Pregnant Man And Fashion Talk
I guess everyone’s heard about Thomas, the 6 months pregnant man by now. At first I was shocked, because the news aren’t quite fair on... Read More

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Skinny is a New Social Standard?
Skinny’s on everyone’s lips lately. Whether it’s envy or true concern, under-weighted people are looked at with anger. I came across this editorial from French... Read More

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Kenneth Cole We All Walk in Different Shoes Advertising Campaign
Fashion with issues! Has been my dream for some time now, but when looking at the actual happening, it’s not so good after all. Because... Read More

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DKNY Pro Bicycles Campaign Ended Unsuccessfully
Fin January, the Marketing department over at Donna Karan New York decided to take the streets by two wheels. The New York City Department of... Read More

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The Writer’s Guild Strike To Sink The Fashion Empire
When Fashion is business nowadays, when business has always been a matter of marketing, will Fashion end up as collateral damage to the Writer’s Guild... Read More

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