The Pregnant Man And Fashion Talk

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I guess everyone’s heard about Thomas, the 6 months pregnant man by now. At first I was shocked, because the news aren’t quite fair on the subject, announcing the world that a MAN is actually PREGNANT.

In my head it was a natural contradiction that could only be explained by a bit of respect in the media for the actual person they were presenting and for the world receiving the news. It’s about a transgender who is pregnant. Thomas was Tracy before all this adventure…

Thomas, the Pregnant ManAnyway, fighting over prejudice and education, Thomas and his wife wanted to go Oprah-public. The organizations meant to protect and support them from the start weren’t behind them, actually suggesting to back off and keep everything away from the public eye. They didn’t. I know this is supposedly a fashion/style talking environment, but I’d be deliberately closing my eyes to this news if I wouldn’t touch the subject. It’s, after all, a question of life. Times are changing and sooner or later, that reflects into fashion too.

Thomas, the Pregnant Man on Oprah

Watching the videos from Oprah, where Thomas laid his life in front of everyone, it made me think a lot of what he was saying. (for instance, he said that changing his gender was a natural progression because he liked wearing comfortable clothes and feeling more masculine, waking up in the morning he felt like a man).

Thomas, the Pregnant Man as Tracy

His childhood wasn’t ideal, his mother committing suicide when he (she, at the time) was 12 years old, however he wasn’t feeling betrayed by nature’s given body, his changing into a man being completely his willpower when 24 years old and already in a stable and ongoing relationship. This posting is not meant to discuss the ethics of his pregnancy (even so, his wife has admitted she wasn’t able to have children anymore, medically, so he was, indeed, the couple’s only choice having their natural child) it’s only meant to review our times and the changes they bring along, whether we see and acknowledge the immediate effect or not.
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#1 Mitch on 04.06.08 at 8:16 am

Thanks for commenting on my blog on this same issue. You are definitely right; the times are definitely changing. I only hope they’re able to live peacefully later on once the baby is born.

#2 Adriana on 04.06.08 at 10:15 am

Born and grown up in what once was a very progressive free-spirit country The Netherlands I’ve been confronted with these kind of things at a very young age. So I’ve always accepted the transgender because I’ve known two of these creations of Nature. And I only saw their human side.
I agree with you and Mitch that the times are changing but they always do. I’ve not seen this on Oprah, not an Oprah fan but when there’s an interesting subject, like this, oh yes I would have watched it.
Yes, Mitch I hopes too that this famly will have a peacefully and happy life once the baby is born. As a real family of course.

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