The Kaiser Lagerfeld Wears Prada

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How high can you go and how inflated with your own ego can you be, once you get there? I often get to read about interns in the blogosphere, interns completely psyched with their opportunity and with the people being “nice” to them, not doing awful tasks, just delivering clothes for photoshoots.

Even if I had my dreams with the fashion industry, I never went as far as media involvement. Writing about this and that in the glamorous press means no dry cleaners or café jobs. Even now I’m appalled by the kiss-blogging (in case the notion is blurry – I’m talking about the eye and brain damaging, intelligence insulting and common sense ignoring blogosphere writing lovable, glorifying articles about everything in hope of receiving honors or advantages from the praised ones) and their attempt of making it to the ranking tops of fashinternet. Whatever. Someone has to do it, right? It’s my everyday mindless distraction.

Karl Lagerfeld Ipod Nanny

I don’t want to get further from the subject I’ve been following for almost a week now so I’ll get right into it – one internship in the industrial proximities of the Kaiser. Industrial as in magazines. Proximities? As in delivering a favorite pencil? Fashion looks brainless if you take it like that. Studying hard and deploying all vital forces in acquiring a fashion and style sense so the industry will finally embrace you like an alien organism looking for “fresh meat” will take you as far as slavering – taking clothes from here to there, catering meals and café-making, or, as last revealed (and best jobs until now):
– name dresses (that’s gotta be a correspondent for wine tasting)
– notebook scribe (ummm… that kinda makes a secretary look like top management)
– gadget curator (that sounds interesting.. in fact it’s a geeky routine of charging ipods with a certain designated music)
– feminine-eye-vision (as artsy as it may sound, in fact it’s just a discriminative way of employing someone to express judgment on how the model should be exposed to get better responses from women)
– “queen of braids” (this was the original article title and I found it charming and revealing for what it’s naming – a 75 year old woman who, she alone, can master the sewing craft that’ll soon disappear with her since every soul trying to steal that art away has failed miserably).

Karl Lagerfeld Grand Theft Auto

Let’s keep in mind the fact that Lagerfeld is becoming an animated game character (in fact, his pixel-impersonator is the music provider for an illicit DJ activity on K109 – the radio station from the Grand Theft Auto, the game to be released on April 29), even if he wanted desperately to be evil, his more than 100 ipods weren’t enough, and nor was the fact that, previously, he has been contracted as the next Steiff teddy bear. I’d say the Kaiser is preparing for more than wearing Prada…

There’s a lot of ways to look at and name the physical and moral exploitation. But when it’s made in total acceptance by the “drone-ish employee”, why bother consider the righteousness in all that? As we all like to say – mad is not the one making demands…
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#1 Arnoldo Valerio on 04.10.08 at 10:35 am

Dear Kpriss, read the article from an certain Arnaldo Valerio on the website. Called the Rise and Fall of an designer, you would be surprised, not everyone is fond of Mr. Lagerfeld.

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