Skinny is a New Social Standard?

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Skinny’s on everyone’s lips lately. Whether it’s envy or true concern, under-weighted people are looked at with anger.

I came across this editorial from French Vogue (april issue) and I wanted to share with you the pearls of wisdom read in the scanned pages. Being more than a question of look, thin is more of a (self) control issue. On the opposite, gaining weight is, for 40% of the questioned women (in a study from OCHA/CSA), a sign of losing control, lack of will power, hence moral breakdown.

Beauty Editorial from french Vogue April 2008 Issue

Skinny is youth related, however, there’s always the anorexic trap. This is the other side of the obesity coin in North America where obesity rates have more than doubled over a generation in the US, facing a true epidemic of diabetes. While health campaigns are conducted in order to change the way people act when facing physical activities and what they choose to eat, fashion’s taking little steps into changing the famous size zero into a none-acceptable size (take for instance Quintessentially Models who is working in size zero refusal, looking up for healthy looking girls to eradicate the skinny mania).
Do you see thin as a new social standard?

Beauty Editorial from french magazine Vogue April 2008 Issue
(via vogue, reuters, tfs)


#1 Arnoldo Valerio on 03.22.08 at 5:37 pm

These are terrible pics of Angela Lindvall, and personally I don’t think that skinny is the new world order or trend. I know we have to blame the designers or the industry for using to skinny models, but actually it’s a fact that the clothes are better shown and represented at the skinny models then otherwise. The models of yesterday, Linda E. Cindy C. etc had a better figure then most of the models now. It’s actually a shame that despite there are some agreements with the CFDA and the Camera Nazionale delle Moda nothing has changed, but I always look to the future and I am optimistic that to skinny models will be banned from the runway. Ciao and have all a happy Easter weekend

#2 kpriss on 03.23.08 at 10:53 am

Honestly, I found the pictures rather normal. Of course, the poses are meant to be exaggerative, but even so, many women look like this and don’t feel particularly skinny. The raised question, that thin is getting social, is brought up by the increasing obesity issue. So it’s quite a hypocritical point of view after all.

As for skinny (I’d rather go with “thin”) models presenting fashion, as you know, I already stated my opinion that they belong there, just as they are. Haute couture is not for everyone.

Thank you for visiting, I hope you spent a Happy Peaceful Easter!

#3 simplymarie on 03.23.08 at 8:46 pm

i don’t think that being thin is as trendy as u make it seem in fact for me it’s quite the opposite. with a BMI of 19 most of the people around me (who aren’t exactly too far from the obese overweight point themselves) feel they have to comment negatively on my size as if I’m unhealthy eating a balance diet and they’re completely normal shoving food down their face.

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