The Writer’s Guild Strike To Sink The Fashion Empire

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When Fashion is business nowadays, when business has always been a matter of marketing, will Fashion end up as collateral damage to the Writer’s Guild War?

The recipients of Golden Globe Awards in 25 categories will be revealed during an hour-long HFPA press conference at The Beverly Hilton to be covered live by NBC News beginning at 6:00 pm PST on January 13. ‘The 65th Annual Golden Globe Awards’ NBC telecast and champagne dinner in The Beverly Hilton’s International Ballroom is officially cancelled.

Or is it that in their Stars War (need I remind you that The Writer’s Guild is strongly backed by the Screen Actors Guild) they’re actually targeting Fashion Industry?
I’m getting paranoid, I’m sure of that, but it’s a way to look at things, admit it…
Haute Couture lives through marketing. Marketing fashion means marketing big names at big events. How can they do that if big events are flushed down? Oh, pardon me, if big events are stroke down in an endless Stars War? Rhetorically speaking, of course, for I don’t imagine someone really answering this kind of question when big issues are in stake (at least officially).

Amanda Bynes Palm Springs Film Festival 2008 Brittany Snow Palm Springs Film Festival 2008 Halle Berry Palm Springs Film Festival 2008 Marion Cotillard Palm Springs Film Festival 2008

Oh, imagine all those dresses put away for strike reasons! Imagine all those meters of red carpet being eaten by mice for cancellation reasons. Oh, that brings tears to my eyes thinking I will not witness an endless set of picture poses, fake smiles, anorexic figures or disturbingly ugly outfits! (imagine for instance another fashion deep infliction signed by Keira Skeleton Knightely or another style-deprived-but-shock-full dress wore by Cate Blanchett!)

Jennifer Love Hewitt, Katherine Heigl, Maria Menounous, Christy Turlington Katie Holmes Critics Choice Awards

In the mean time, I allowed myself to ease up your pain with some Palm Springs Film Festival photos (Amanda Bynes, Brittany Snow, Halle Berry, Marion Cotillard) plus photo shots from the 27 Dresses LA Premiere ( Jennifer Love Hewitt, Katherine Heigl, Maria Menounous, Christy Turlington) and bonus Katie Holmes from the Critics Choice Awards.


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