Does My Car Really Fit Me?

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Do you know those moments when you ask yourself if your car really fits you? Or your bag? Or the shoes you wanted so much to wear that day?

You can never be too careful when choosing your car! It has to represent every inch of your fashionista self, every piece of your highly selected wardrobe! The only thing possibly taking care of this is the world singular fitting room for car shopping! Built by Chevrolet in South London, it has 3 massive mirrors on a curtained wall and the central platform can be revolved 360 degrees to give your so special self a view in what can be your so special car from every angle.

Car Fitting Room London

I sometimes get so freaked by this world evolution into a snobbish territory, I’d play the tune just to see how the others dance on it! Can you believe that 72% from the drivers taking part to a U.K. survey recognize using their car as a status symbol?

Car Fitting Room

If you can’t actually make something, than brag about yourself any way you can? What am I complaining about?! It’s the same thing with clothes and shoes and bags, and everything carrying a name tag big enough to splash the audience. Real values are flushed away by the snob-mob. And when I look over the internet and see how the kiss blogosphere is working insidiously for that consumerism (I’m sure you’re all familiar with the articles genre “beautiful bag, $2.000” “gorgeous shoes, $4,000” and so on), my good sensed self is freaked out. Then the Slytherin in me pops out. I can understand being proud of your achievements and showing them off, but clothes? bags? shoes? cars? Not the most important things by far! Of course all that can make you look good, feel good, but what’s your achievement in relation with them? Having spent money to wear them? Morally, that’s about as far as renting a hotel room and calling it “home”.

Car Fitting Shopping Room

But let’s focus on the car fitting room – is it a useful marketing invention?
(via gizmag)

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