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The House Of Haagen Dazs Proudly Presents Bradley Cooper And His Spoon! Wait, What?
My dahlings: how familiar are you with Häagen-Dazs and its otherworldly flavored ice cream? I can’t really add words to that name to describe the... Read More

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Skinny Healthy Drinking: Flavored Water Maker
More gadgets, you said! Well, here I am, fulfilling your wishes! (wink) And having loads of fun while doing it! So summer is just around... Read More

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Skinny Healthy Eating: Salad Dressing Revolutionary Tool
It’s that wonderful season again when fresh garden vegetables make it into every meal of the day with their mad scents and crazy beautiful colors... Read More

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Would You Buy A Food Magazine Promoted&Covered By Karlie Kloss?
I know, I know, I’m usually not here to judge, but you know how everything is image-related nowadays and remembering the reactions Karlie Kloss provoked... Read More

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Top 3 Inspirational Finds You Want To Repin Today!
Browsing high and low on the vast alleys of Pinterest I usually come across visually breathtaking images, amazingly creative finds, mouthwatering kitchen experiments and generally... Read More

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$1.5Million Gold Dress By Zac Posen For Ice Cream Commercial!
Remember we talked about Karl Lagerfeld and his Magnum ads? Well, it appears Magnum has a weakness for designers as they approached Project Runway judge... Read More

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Gwyneth Paltrow  It’s All Good About Her-Self!
Putting all your life’s secrets down on paper and then publish them is clearly one of the existential directives of young actresses today. Whether Gwyneth... Read More

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Marc Jacobs Designs Diet Coke Bottles. Finally!
We may not agree on everything, but we do agree that Marc Jacobs is a fashion genius. Everything he puts on the catwalk sells out,... Read More

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