Top 3 Inspirational Finds You Want To Repin Today!

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Browsing high and low on the vast alleys of Pinterest I usually come across visually breathtaking images, amazingly creative finds, mouthwatering kitchen experiments and generally all sorts of wonders.

Yesterday I said I would try to share these wonders with you, every day I can, get together some of the most wonderful pins I find&distribute back to the inspirational pincrowd! Today I couldn’t decide on just one, so I went for three. I’ll start with this gorgeous pair of shoes – it appears I’m on a footwear spree today.

gorgeous pair of summer high heel shoes

These little wonders above come from the smart&talented Taylor from taylorsays. She took it upon herself to take down the Louboutin soles myth and go creative on the shoes soles. This pair above looks torn from a modern fairy tale, straight from the picnic scene!

pink gradient dress Young Fabulous and Broke

Now I said something about the festival season last time, didn’t I? well, here’s one dress I’d wear to a summer music festival (and not just there, biensur). I love the ombre look, and – you guessed it – the happy shades of pink. Pink gradients rule my world momentarily. If it ever changes, I’ll be the first to let you know! (wink). Oh, I almost forgot: this beauty comes with a Young Fabulous & Broke label.

sweet cinnamon bites caramel sauce

What did I tell you about mouthwatering finds? The Cinnamon pretzel bites are the homemade awesomeness I found today and virtually share with you, around a nice bowl of caramel dipping sauce! All thanks to the wonderful Kevin and Amanda!

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