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Love Your Starbucks Frappuccino? Love Your Coffee Stained Tee!
I always ask myself what should we buy for a friend’s anniversary. For a friend’s kid anniversary and so forth. Part of the shopping experience... Read More

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Dare To Wear Fried Chicken, Bacon And Pizza Jewelry By Onchmovement?
Stumbling across the Pink Fried Chicken necklace source, I’d though it would be a great idea to present you with the rest of the Onchmovement... Read More

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If You Dare, Nicki Minaj’s Pink Chicken Wing Necklace Is On Sale
Remember we talked about Nicki Minaj wearing an interesting piece of necklace. A meaty one? A pink fried chicken wing necklace? Well, daaahlings, the said... Read More

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Dare To Wear Nicki Minaj’s Pink Chicken Wing Necklace?
Just because Lady Gaga previously worn a meat dress and got away with it (somewhat) doesn’t mean we’ll all get our best meaty pieces out... Read More

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Scarlett Johansson Singing Bonnie & Clyde For Moet
Do you remember Scarlett Johansson being involved in a particularly advertorial moment from Moet and Chandon? Of course you do, the silly photography and the... Read More

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For Fall Animal Print Is Always In! Leopard Print Cupcakes
Whether you’re a girl or a boy, if you know anything about fall, you’ll know that animal print is a must this season (and every... Read More

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Food Couture. Edible Fashion Labels
For those fashion people who enjoy eating (outside cotton balls, that is – and yes, if you’re reading / hearing this for the first time,... Read More

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Flowers For Your Table! Hydrangea Cake
Every now and then, I have to check out the amazingness that flows around the food interwebs! And because I had a little bit too... Read More

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