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Advertising. Pizza Style!
I know someone who knows someone who was into food advertising. Long story short – the things they did with food just to make it... Read More

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13 Amazing Fabric Inspired Wedding Cakes
I know you’re with me on that one: there’s no party unless there’s a cake involved! And making a cake, a really good one (without... Read More

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Table Must Have: Wonderland Cutlery By Tina Tsang
I haven’t been this charmed from the ABC paper party cups we talked about a while back! This is really difficult to put in words.... Read More

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Cheese Nails For A Tasty Manicure
I’m sure there’s a solid reason for this. I actually think it’s a reminiscent of that yellow nails polish hot wave we all felt at... Read More

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Princess Style Cake
Now this is my irresistible item of the day! No, it’s not a pair of sky scraping gorgeous heels, it’s not even a flowy, flowery,... Read More

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Party! It’s Easy Like ABC!
It’s the season. Backyard parties and so much more, everyone’s out enjoying the summer. And look what I found to make things funnier! ABC Paper... Read More

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Fashion Is A Matter Of Taste. Photos By Fulvio Bonavia
Unarguably a great truth, fashion as A Matter of Taste has never looked so tasty and good before. It’s all in the textures, the shapes... Read More

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Jennifer Aniston’s Smart Water Ad
Madonna has had an entire album artwork around her workout routine, Gwyeth Paltrow an entire movie premiere wardrobe around her workout with Tracy Anderson. Now... Read More

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