2014 Grammy Awards Dresses And Nails

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Another weekend, another glamorous Red Carpet! Aren’t you the least curious to see who was wearing what? I’ll give you my favorite, right upfront, not saving the best for last!

Katy Perry in Valentino Couture White Dress With Musical Notes

Is there something ever-more-suitable for music’s biggest night than a dress with musical notes on? Well, they’re from Verdi’s Traviata, granted, not any of Katy Perry’s bubblegum pop thingies, but still, perfect for the night!

2014 Grammy Awards Katy Perry dress Valentino couture

Katy Perry dress 2014 Grammy Awards

The dress was hot off of the catwalk as it made its debut during the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week just a couple of days ago, during the Valentino Spring 2014 Couture show.

See also: Katy Perry’s nails for the 2013 AMAs!

Highly unusual for Katy, who’s a self-confessed nail art junkie, she didn’t wear anything spectacular on her nails tonight. Katy Perry’s 2014 Grammy Awards nails were natural, rather short, painted with a simple soft pink, the French Manicure kind. The only extravagant thing about her Grammy look tonight was the braided bun she was wearing on top of her head.

Katy Perry hair nails 2014 Grammys

A closer inspection would lead us to suspect that Miss Perry did her own nails: just look at the messy cuticles – no nail professional would have a client walk out of an appointment with uncleaned cuticles! This makes me think that Katy didn’t have time for a proper fancy manicure!

Katy Perry Grammy pink nails

Kelly Osbourne Badgley Mischka Black Dress, black and gold nails

Although the dress was pretty simple, accented with bejeweled shoulder pads and featuring a dramatic draped back, Kelly Osbourne brought some serious glam on the 2014 Grammy Awards Red Carpet with her black nails! Oh, and her hair matches the shoulder pads crystals!

2014 Grammy Awards Kelly Osbourne black dress Badgley Mischka

The cross on Kelly’s back is her father’s, Ozzy Osbourne, while the rings on her fingers are from Loree Rodkin, a Hollywood favorite. But did you notice the golden details on her nails? There were some gold stripes but also tiny golden Grammy Awards! Isn’t that lovely? Matching the nails to the festive occasion?

Kelly Osbourne 2014 Grammy Awards hair nails jewelry

Madonna Ralph Lauren Black Tuxedo, glitter french nails

We’ve known Madonna all her life, and she’s always been inspired by her men. This time is no different as the star’s outfit was inspired by her date: her 8yo son, David. Madonna wore a black tuxedo from the designer’s Spring Summer 2014 collection.

2014 Grammy Awards Madonna black tuxedo Ralph Lauren

Her nails and jewelry choices were rather interesting: her Madgesty’s fashion rules are her own only as although she was wearing a classic French manicure with delicate glittered tips, she went for a gansta-like style finish with a cane, ME initials rings and golden grills, not to mention the gipsy-esque hat… A bit over the top, but that’s how we love Madonna, don’t we?

Madonna glove nails grills 2014 Grammy Awards

Rita Ora Lanvin Green Dress, superheroes gradient nails

If you’ve tried hard to find a funny manicure on the 2014 Grammy Awards Red Carpet and you failed it’s that you haven’t seen Rita Ora’s nails! She didn’t say much about them, but I’m guessing that it’s because she didn’t find the passionate interviewer to ask the right mani questions!

Rita Ora Lanvin dress 2014 Grammy Awards Red Carpet

2014 Grammy Awards Rita Ora Lanvin dress super nails

Wearing a snake-skin like shimmery dress from Alber Elbaz’ Spring 2014 collection for Lanvin with matching sandals (and Red Carpet matching toenails), Rita looked fabulous!

Rita Ora sandals clutch jewelry 2014 Grammy Awards

Paris Hilton in white Haus of Milani dress, gold glitter nails

It’s been a while since we made any (in)significant mention about Paris Hilton. She walked the Red Carpet at the 2014 Grammy Awards wearing a white dress from Haus of Milani with a punk-ish hairdo and gold glitter short nails.

2014 Grammy Awards Paris Hilton dress hair glitter nails

Anna Kendrick Azzaro soft grey dress, grey nails

Matching the color of her Azzaro dress, Anna Kendrick wore equally grey French nails with tips in a matching shade of glitter. I had no particular fondness towards her pointy metallic shoes and I think they were a rather uninspired choice.

2014 Grammy Awards Anna Kendrick Azzaro dress

2014 Grammy Awards Anna Kendrick dress grey nails

Pregnant Ciara gold sequins dress, white nails

Now that’s some glammy mommy to be! Wearing a gold sequined custom dress from Emilio Pucci and a loose faux bob, Ciara matched her look with pointy white nails (for fashion reasons unknown). Glowy and beautiful, Ciara looked fairly proud and affectionate with her burgeoning curves of expecting mother in the early stages of pregnancy.

2014 Grammy Awards pregnant Ciara sequins Pucci dress white nails

Beyonce white lace Michael Costello dress, burgundy nails

What a lovely sight for sorrowed eyes! Beyonce in her mermaid-esque sheer white lace dress designed by Michael Costello and ombre hair in a tousled bob! She matched her lipstick and her nails polish in the same rich burgundy flattering her complexion. She kept this beauty look for her stage performance as well, where she was ‘Drunk in Love’ with her husband, Jay Z.

2014 Grammy Awards Beyonce white lace Michael Costello dress

Beyonce 2014 Grammy Awards dress hair nails

Beyonce took the stage in Nichole de Carle leotard with the crystal tights from Saint Laurent everyone is so fancy about, finishing the look with Stuart Weitzman shoes and La Perla collar. (am I the only one who sees her nails in an iridescent burgundy? As if they were duo-chromes?)

Beyonce 2014 Grammy Awards stage performance

Anna Faris although not wearing significantly glamorous nails choose to match her earrings with an Indian-like jewelry wrapped around her wrist and finger, assorted to her navy blue dress.

Anna Faris blue dress jewelry 2014 Grammy Awards

(images getty, styledotcom)


#1 Ellington on 01.27.14 at 7:19 am

I stopped watching the Grammy Awards eons ago, but I do enjoy seeing the Red Carpet looks.
What I really liked were Ciara’s gown, she looked lovely in that burnished gold and pregnancy looks goo on her. : )
I also liked Madonna’s tux, very Diane Keaton and she looked the GodMother of Pop. Her son David looked styling as well. Madonna’s fingerless glitter glove made me think it was a Michael Jackson homage. I liked the whole look.
Beyoncé looked great and she always works her silhouette well.
I also liked what Anna Farris was wearing because it was so simply elegant and classic and she looked so lovely like she was not trying so hard or aiming for over the top looks which I feltmost of the others shown were doing. Paris Hilton looked like she was aiming for Beyoncé like allure but she just to me looked like a very sad imitation.
Katy Perry’s choices never interest me, Kelly Osborn tries too hard at times and the other women I do not know who they are, and I not interested in finding out.
Thanks for this Kpriss ! : )

#2 Appollonia on 01.27.14 at 10:53 am

Hello my dear you were fast last night. Bravo! I was too tired to reply though I would have loved to get on it right away. : )

Katy Perry’s dress was also my favourite dress. She has the right feminine body to carry such a dress without the dress losing its girly fairy-talish touch. I have had lots of laughs at comments on social media about all these notes Katy Perry can’t hit. Anyway, I totally agree that its horrendous to show up in such a precious dress with nails like that! Says a lot about her knowledge what she was wearing. ;)
My second favourite dress was none other than Taylor Swift in Gucci. Classy and elegant. Not yours as I notice but I love difference in opinions.
Anna Faris looks lovely and elegant. Have you hidden her nails on purpose Kpriss? I thought of you when she didn’t want to show them. She did but oh, so briefly. They look like mine at the moment. But I’m not typing at a red carpet event. :D
I also liked Rita Oro’s look. It looked better on the red carpet than on photos. She’s very pretty and was fun to watch. Paris Hilton looked nice for a change. Wonder though what she was doing there? I don’t think she was imitating Beyoncé. How could she know what Bey should wear? Beyoncé looked lovely but she almost always does. But this mermaid look is a trend. Seen it a lot and in different colours. Mrs and Mr Carter together drunk in love was a kind of a turn-off to me. Looking cheap. Someone enlighten me please, why was Jay fully dressed while “doing it all night” and she crawling like a stripper in her underwear? Not that mind but some other female performers gets often lots of criticism when they dance, behave like that of late……just wondering?

Madonna….sorry Ellington but the woman frightened the hell out off me! I heard her son speak like a pro and then I was even more scared for what will become of his mental state in ten years. To me Madonna looked like a Marlene Dietrich failure. She also looked old. Old is not a shame, its life and happens to all of us but she tries too hard to look the opposite and that makes her look older and more so harsh. And scary! She should quit trying too hard. Get rid of these silly grills to start with and embrace getting older and stop the work and less work-out so she don’t need to hid her hands!! Guess it’s too late yet. No comparison to Diane Keaton since its Diane’s signature look as long as she around and Diane is a natural older, gracefully older woman. I think she looks natural??
Kelly Osbourne? Wrong hair colour and a dressed like a drag queen. Please, leave it to the drag queens most of them do it better.
Yes, Ciara looks very nice and Indeed glowy and beautiful.
And who else? Darn, I already forgot since it was not really a spectacular red carpet fashion show right? Oh, Lorde!! I almost forgot her. Good grief the girl looks in her early thirties at least. Not pretty at all. I’m so done with her ‘Royals’ song and her witchy claw act. I wonder if she’s still around next year for the rest of her album is not that great at all. But, but I liked her look. At least her look was her age.
Let’s talk some men. Pharrell is too skinny to wear Malcolm McLaren’s ‘Buffalo Girls” hat. A miss-match with the rest of his look plus he is too skinny for that hat. I grinned…..Robin Thicke was not aware his blue velvet was Armani. The man has no style. Although I liked Jared Leto’s GG hair he’s such a fake rocker. He reminds of Mr Positive Myles Kennedy a real rocker, also with beautiful blue eyes but Myles doesn’t look permanent surprised and suspicious wrinkless like Jared does. These guys are the same age. I prefer Myles’ real and tougher rocker look way above the rock styled Jared.

This was just my opinion and no, I’m not going bother you with a loooooooong rant about the awards for autotuned music and…….no…..a promise is a promise. ;)

Up to the Bafta’s then. Actually the only awards show I like to watch. Until now.

Do I dare to click on ‘Submit’……let’s do it……

#3 Appollonia on 01.27.14 at 11:01 am

Oh, grrr……I want to edit some things and add that I am not a fan of the music of any of these artists

#4 Elkissa on 01.28.14 at 9:52 am

It would be interesting to see what they all would wear should they have no help at all, just pick and wear their own choice of attire- no professional advice.
I like Madonna’s pant suit but the ring and the grills leave me with an impression she is trying to hard..somehow expect more of her knowing she is a strong woman and an impressive performer -.-

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