Johnny Depp, Paul Bettany, Rebecca Hall Fashion In Transcendence

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Easy to notice, not always easy to identify or to find, some of the items our favorite stars are wearing on the big screen will be reviewed here week after week – in the measure of possible.

Today it’s about ‘Transcendence’ and about a handful of clothes and accessories carefully supervised by the film’s costume department head, George L. Little, and worn by Johnny Depp, Paul Bettany and Rebecca Hall. George L. Little has previously designed the costumes for Zero Dark Thirty, The Hurt Locker or Max Payne, none of which excel in fashion but in everyday wardrobe utility.

Transcendence movie fashion Johnny Depp Paul Bettany Rebecca Hall

Dr. Will Caster / Johnny Depp eyeglasses Oliver Peoples MP-2 RX in DTB / Antique Gold

Adding to the distraught charm of a modern day savant, the rounded Oliver Peoples frames with a robot kind of name to them have a very iconic value to the optical brand. A very vintage design, they were also worn with clip-on sun lenses.

Johnny Depp eyeglasses Transcendence Oliver Peoples

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Oliver Peoples MP 2 RX frames

At the very beginning of the movie, Will Caster / Johnny Depp is seen wearing a deep blue cardigan sweater from Ralph Lauren with Save Khaki pants and John Varvatos shoes which he also takes out of casual context into the dressy look pairing them with a custom-made suit from Western Company.

Johnny Depp cardi Transcendence Ralph Lauren

the $800 Ralph Lauren cardi seen on Johnny Depp in Transcendence

Dr. Max Waters / Paul Bettany eyeglasses Oliver Peoples O’Malley RX

One of the most recognized eyeglasses shape from Oliver Peoples, the O’Malley, have received their name from their most famous wearer – the LA Dodgers former owner, Peter O’Malley. Paul Bettany’s character, Dr. Max Waters only wears his glasses when among his academic peers while later in the film he appears to no longer have eyesight troubles, thus not wearing his eyeglasses anymore…

Paul Bettany glasses Transcendence Oliver Peoples

Dr. Max Waters / Paul Bettany wears Oliver Peoples iconic O’Malley frames in Transcendence

Oliver Peoples O Malley RX Frames

Oliver Peoples were inspired by the LA Dodgers owner, Peter O’Malley

Dr. Max Waters (Paul Bettany) is a neutral kind of guy. Part of his character’s struggles, the moral choices he has to make, transcend in his on-screen wardrobe, throughout the movie, towards natural fibers as he’s wearing layered linen for a good portion of the final plot twists.

Paul Bettany Transcendence outfit evolution

Paul Bettany’s character in Transcendence changes his wardrobe style towards the end the of the movie

Dr. Evelyn Caster / Rebecca Hall black Rag & Bone blouse and black Ellie Tahari pants

This is just one of the many examples of good outfit vs bad outfit: of inner psychological conflict translated through clothes. Just as utilitarian and as practical as the rest of the characters costumes, Rebecca Hall is wearing simple, solid color clothing that serves its purpose. Due to the often strong contrast between the tops and the bottoms, there’s no need to choose flattering or body-hugging clothing as the contrast does the styling already.

Rebecca Hall Rag and Bone tops Ellie Tahari pants Transcendence

Rebecca Halls’s character in Transcendence wears black or white, giving away her moral struggles

The entire movie’s wardrobe is an ode to normal, average, everyday utilitarian outfits. As the story is dealing with nerd-ish issues surely helped create this particular aesthetic! Colors and textures play a tremendous part in shaping the characters – Dr. Evelyn Caster is seen wearing black or white depending on her psychological troubles; Dr. Will Caster is a comfy wardrobe player who doesn’t mind layering a crisp white shirt from John Varvatos over a dirty v-neck Banana Republic tshirt he’d worn around the house.

Johnny Depp Rebecca Hall Transcendence Love Story

Johnny Depp and Rebecca Hall giving life to a special work and life partnership of savants in Transcendence

But then again, nearly every time he changed, his wife did most of the job for him – either choosing his clothes or dressing him. That’s also another important hint in figuring out the (love) story. Perhaps if he’d worn a weird hat, some bandannas wrapped around his wrists or forehead, layered necklaces or beads in the hair, people would’ve been more ecstatic about his involvement in Transcendence…

Transcendence characters costumes

every Transcendence character was specifically fashioned after the role he or she was playing in the movie

In case you haven’t noticed, Johnny Depp is one of the gossip pages favorite subject ever since ‘The Rum Diary’ (2011). Co-starring with 28-year old Amber Heard proved to be a turning point in Johnny’s life as he split with his partner of 14 years, Vanessa Paradis, and now is engaged to be married with Amber. Being part of a romantic big screen project now seems natural, doesn’t it?

Take today’s episode of Film Fashion as a slight warning: if you want to see Transcendence, think of it as a movie about love, more than a complex sci-fi or a philosophical, cinematographically complex flick. And that wraps my spoiler-moment about this week’s movie! (the images from the story were gathered from imdb and various Transcendence press releases as well as the products respective brands websites)

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