Marc Jacobs Exits Louis Vuitton With All Black Spring Summer 2014 Collection

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If you’re going against the trends, Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2014 collection is the right one for you. If you’re fancying feathers and beads, Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2014 Collection is the perfect one for you. If you’re Angelina Jolie, Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2014 Collection was designed for you.

An all black fashion show (save for a couple of washed out jeans) designed by Marc Jacobs for the maison he officially parted with. A decision, he confessed, he took the very morning of the show. Yeah. Right. I will pretend he didn’t just insult the entire fashion world by saying that and I’ll just focus on the fashion of it all.

So it was a good-bye collection, celebrating the sweet 16 years of Vuitton commercial and conceptual fashion domination under Marc Jacobs’ creative directives. (hint: having a model parading around handcuffed and chained would that be creative enough?)

Marc Jacobs last Vuitton collection

The set of the Paris Fashion Week show itself was a mix of past collections stages – which he also must’ve decided the morning of the show. Not.

Vuitton all black collection Spring Summer 2014

The collection was an eminent mix of memories stitched together with sheer drama and patches of confident clever sadness.

Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2014 fashion show

Boots for spring? Chez Vuitton, everything is possible!

Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2014 shoes

Feathers, beads, sequins and leather in the same jacket or bag? Chez Vuitton, we’re oh-so-creative!

black bags Vuitton Spring Summer 2014

A sauce of the 90es flavored with spices of the present? Chez Vuitton, we’re molding fashion as we please!

Vuitton bags Spring Summer 2014

It may be just the bitter disappointment with a collection that wasn’t essentially new or innovative, but the last looks sent by Marc Jacobs on his farewell Louis Vuitton catwalk simply didn’t impress me. Wearable, yes. Inspiring as a trip in the attic, summery as a penguin and happy as a black widow spider. The theatrics of this LV swan song from Marc Jacobs was just as staged and appealing as all the others. Too bad it felt like he was drained out. Of fashion energy. Of creative vision. Thank you for making it easier to get over you chez LV, Marc! It was such a brilliantly conceived ‘last minute’ departure! (images courtesy styledotcom)

Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2014 bag nails


#1 Appollonia on 10.04.13 at 8:54 am

I read a comment somewhere last week I so wish I had copied to quote it right. So I try it my way.
Everyone who was a teenager half-way the 90s or born after that shall never really understand the magic of true fashion. Everything we see is recycled stuff. And too often in a bad way only for pertaining to sell and buy.. I agree. I so agree.
Fashion has become so hysterical. I see photos of stars in jeans and a top and mega expensive shoe wear, a bag and that makes people delirious these days? Because that’s so fabulous? I roll my eyes a lot these days. A lot.
So less people are creative themselves.

Anyway, Marc leaves LV. Okay, whatever. I really don’t care at all. Why should I care anyway? What a miserable show his farewell show is… pfff….I read a lot of enthusiast reviews but I concur with your opinion.
Of course he leaves. He’s a brand himself now. Worshipped. He shall earn his money anyway. And perhaps it’s for the better? A wise choice. Of course not decided just like that. Also Marc gets older and fashion these days comes with a lot of pressure. We saw what that pressure did to Alexander McQueen and John Galliano.
Dear editor do you remember what Ellington used to say? How she missed the old nerdy Marc? The Marc in the Loic Prigent documentary. Her words came to my mind. But people do change that’s inevitable. I hope sincerely this change is for the better and wish him the best.

#2 Ellington on 10.04.13 at 3:34 pm

Hey Appollonia! Thanks ever so for remembering what I said about Marc Jacobs! Yes I do really miss the old “nerdy’ Marc. That Marc was really fun and creative and I liked his art and style but this Marc is just rather plastic to me.
He is leaving LV and he will make money because he is as you both said a brand. But he is kind of an empty brand for me… even his perfumes all seem to be the same with garish bottles.

Was the black theme supposed to be some kind of funeral/wake because he is leaving the fashion house?

#3 Ellington on 10.04.13 at 3:35 pm

Oh and hello my dear ladies!
I hope that this comment finds you all dandy like candy! : )

#4 Appollonia on 10.06.13 at 10:47 am

Ellington!!! There you are, I miss you so much. Glad to see you. :)

Of course I do remember what you said about Marc Jacobs. I agreed. And I agree this time again.
This show were a looooong twenty minutes to me. At the end I was almost depressed. Not because MJ leaves LV. I do not care much about that. And despite the many enthusiast reviews by fashion journalists who have my respect they all could not convince me with all their words about the show, the spectacle, Marc Jacobs himself and why he left. What about the clothes? Look at these ‘clothes’ naked, without all of that. What’s left than other than a hype? End of an era?
I’m probably old, and/or boring, but I seen it all before and better, did it myself, been there. I learned nothing, Nothing at all.

Ah, pleazzzzzz….come back more often dear Ellington. I love your reviews and insight even though we do not always agree. But does that matter? I respect other people’s opinions and yours certainly. A whole lot. Until soon then? XO

#5 kpriss on 10.06.13 at 12:04 pm

awww, this makes my heart sing! <3 reading both of you here, and especially you, Ellington! How joyful and familiar this is! Welcome back <3

#6 ana on 10.11.13 at 1:42 pm

To me, it looked like a big circus mixed with gothic Show Girls and Cher at the Oscars . All made with lots of money and lack of taste and common sense.
Please , Google Cher at Oscars and you will see I am not crazy.
The New York magazine and WWD say that Gheskiere was confirmed yesterday to take the helm at LV.

#7 kpriss on 10.11.13 at 2:09 pm

I was expecting for that name to drop… So curious about what he’ll design! The pressure is crazy heavy over his head!

#8 Appollonia on 10.11.13 at 2:18 pm

Ana!! Hola! :)

Ah, I remember that Oscar ceremony where Cher received her her award for Moonstruck. She was there with her then ‘toyboy’ and she wore that famous outfit. At least she seem to enjoy to wear it. When the Oscars were still fun to watch.

Yep, all over newsfeed like seven times last: breaking news: Ghesquière signed Louis Vuitton. As if it was a surprise. :)

Glad to see you Ana.

*I truly hate the words ‘toyboy’ and ‘cougar’. No need to explain.

#9 Appollonia on 10.11.13 at 2:27 pm

*Yep, all over my fb newsfeed last night* (sorry!)

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